Which Sleep Meditation Is Best for You?

Sleep is a problem for many people in the modern world. We have all this information around: on phone and TV screens, on laptops, from other people, etc. Work, assignments, personal growth, friends, family, kids, meetings. Oh, the list can go on and on.

When going to sleep, our brain is still very much active, repeating all that information, compilating it, changing, asking questions. It’s the so-called ‘monkey brain’, which is very important to calm down to sleep better and live mindfully.

The concept of mindfulness, gladly, becomes very popular nowadays as well. One of the best instruments to achieve total awareness is meditation. It’s a wonderful world of contemplation and true peace, special practices and getting in contact with your body.

But which one is the best for sleep?

Let us review several types and recommend you the best for a peaceful slumber.

Breath Focus Meditation

The most basic type of meditation is focusing on your breath. Take several deep breaths and then go back to your natural pace. Focus on the temperature of the air coming in and out, how your ribs open and close, etc. This will calm your mind and get the body ready for nighttime.

Also, deep breathing improves oxygen levels in your body, which is a pleasant bonus. You can meditate for as long as you wish. Some people recommend taking 108 breaths like this. To make sure you don’t focus on counting, get prayer beads.

Sleep Hypnosis Meditation

Some find it useful while others don’t. You’re free to try each practice from this list, so let’s forget all the stereotypes around hypnosis. A pleasant voice may put you to sleep in a calm manner. You may not even realize how you fall deeper.

This practice can cause new feelings and insight in a lot of people.

Sleep Talk Down Meditation

This is basically a guided visualization that will help you get away from all the thoughts and information of the day and fall deeper into sleep. Make sure you find a voice and story that gives you a feeling of calm and safety.

If this is your first time, consider buying some meditation gear to aid in the process. You should also start with easier meditation practices like concentrating the full attention on your breath for about 5 minutes.

Body Scan Meditation

Do you like massages? How about giving one to yourself using only your focus and attention. Start with the crown of your head and spend some time focusing on one part of the body. You can go as detailed as you wish, depending on the time you have and the level of concentration you’ve already achieved.

This is a very relaxing and pleasant meditation.

Guided Meditation

Just like sleep talk down, you can use any other guided meditation that works on achieving feelings of calmness and safety. If you’re into psychology, you can use visualizations to fill emotional deficits and improve mental health.

Make absolutely sure you have meditation materials recorded by professionals in the field. They will charge you with the light energy from those people and ensure the effectiveness of every session.

Sleep well!


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