Where to Buy CPAP Supplies – 5 Great Resources to Use Now

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In this video, we’re going to answer the question, Where to Buy CPAP Supplies?

A Continous Positive Airway Pressure machine, also known as a CPAP machine is used as a therapy and treatment for Sleep Apnea.

where to buy CPAP supplies

Sleep Apnea is a potentially serious sleep disorder where breathing stops and starts while asleep.

While treatment includes lifestyle changes such as losing weight, a CPAP machine provides breathing assistance during sleep whether it be for the night or an afternoon nap.

A CPAP machine may be covered under your insurance as a DME, durable medical equipment, but there instances in which people choose to pay out of pocket due to it actually being cheaper out of pocket than through insurance or their insurance not giving much help in the way of options or assistance.

For those paying out of pocket, it is important to know where to buy CPAP supplies.

Here are our top recommendations when shopping for CPAP supplies:


Craigslist is a great way to get a light, gently used CPAP machine at a good value. You’d be surprised at those who have quit their CPAP therapy and are looking to sell their unit.

Just keep in mind, you may have to be patient and supply may depend on your area and location.


Ebay is also a good option when looking for CPAP supplies. You just want to be sure to select a reputable seller with a great rating to ensure quality. One rule of thumb, if it sounds too good to be true, it might very well be.


Like all things nowadays, Amazon has become the go-to place for a lot of products. Some even claim that it turned out to be cheaper to buy on Amazon than going through their insurance.


They sell recertified CPAP machines and have been around for a while. Though they haven’t updated their website in a while, it just shows that what they do, and how they’ve done it continues to work to this day.


For those looking for a traditional online CPAP shop for brand new supplies, this is a good site that boasts a good customer satisfaction reputation and great customer service. Shop confidently there.

We listed 5 resources to shop for CPAP supplies and we’re certain that one of those places will help you find the value and quality you’re looking for.

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