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Weighted Blankets for 4 Year Old, Most Comfortable Blanket Revealed

Hello and a warm welcome from the experts at Napping.com. In this video, we’re going to have a conversation about weighted blankets for 4 year old, and toddlers. And just see the conversation around that. And what’s being said in the Reddit forums. So we’ve taken three particular Reddit threads and just see what people have to say related to weighted blankets for toddlers.

The first one is in the subreddit for ask parents. And this question basically had a question relating to weighted blankets for younger ones. To see if it’s actually recommended or not. And what this thread actually explained as that way to blankets. Some people do believe that not recommended for kids under 50 pounds which could fall under those who around four year olds are not.

So something to keep in mind as well. But also there are those who are proponents for weighted blankets. But they do say you have to be careful. In terms of making sure you’re choosing the correct weight when buying one, the rule of thumb here is none heavier than 10% of your child’s body weight.

weighted blankets for 4 year old

So really, you know, when you’re looking at the, this, this spread here, you know, he caution, if you’re looking to buy one for your four year old or younger, or maybe a year older but definitely if you are looking to purchase one, I’ll make sure it’s not 10% heavier than your child’s body weight. Another thread was under the parenting Reddit. And there were just talking about if anyone actually tried weighted blankets for their kids. And for this one, again, they just emphasize making sure to research the appropriate weight. People do say it does help. The child would sleeping as it is soothing, and it feels like a nice warm hug.

And others even suggest to create your own. Some people are saying it’s not as difficult to actually create your own weighted blanket, but either way you just want to make sure that your research at the appropriate weight for your kid, when you are creating when you are looking to purchase a way to blanket for them, And the last thread that we were looking into was just talking again more about experiences that people had had for their toddlers.

Someone here has actually said their child, as young as three, I actually use a 10 pound with a blanket. But their trick was to kind of leave it a half off. So it’s not fully over their kid. It was kind of half on. This is a rather short thread, as you can see here. But really the conclusion out of the three, it really sounds like a way to blank.

It could be soothing, could feel like a hug to your child. And there’s definitely products out there for your little one, but you definitely want to make sure you do your research, especially in making sure you have the appropriate weight selection. So for example if a child was 30 pounds, you’d be looking one for a four pound blanket.

Additionally, you know, for children with special needs it is recommended tax professional to make sure is okay. To use a way to buy it for your child situation. If you’re not too keen on the way to blanket at this conversation, there is a company called Bearaby and they actually have something called the nap link.

Bearaby Napper – A Weighted Blanket Alternative

So it’s kind of a compromise to your way to blanket. Selection here. It has breathable fabric. It’s more of like a napping blanket, so something to consider if you don’t really want to go all the way with the, a blanket for your toddler, is understandable.

If you go over to Amazon.com, Sivio actually has a five-star rating. As you can see here. You can see all the great reviews on Amazon. So this is one way to blank. Reduce, suggest for you to purchase this, the CVO way to blanket for your child. Well, I hope this video has been useful for those who are looking for a way to buy it for their kid feel free to leave any comments below and read the description for additional links.

Sivio Weighted Blankets – 5-star on Amazon

Thank you.

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