Weighted Blanket That Keeps You Cool

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Hello, Mike here from Napping.com and this video is going to help you find that weighted blanket that keeps you cool because weighted blankets are obviously they’re heavy and they trapped in heat. So you want a weighted blanket that doesn’t trap in heat, cause you don’t want to wake up sweaty.

Weighted Blanket that Keeps You Cool

So here we are, we did a search for this and we came across this article. Now you’re watching a video of me doing a search, but let me just tell you, I’m here to help you find reputable site that can give you the advice on choosing a weighted blanket. So here we are at health.com.

This is an authority site. This site is trusted. You can just already tell by the domain name, health.com. So here it is 10 cooling weighted blankets that will keep you from waking up sweaty. Perfect. We don’t want to wake up sweaty. Oh, okay. So here’s number one, Luna weighted blanket, number two, YnM weighted blanket, number three.

Ourea weighted blanket. So right there, you have three choices and it seems like all of these choices are an Amazon. So that’s another plus too, because. If you buy at Amazon and you’re a prime member, then you’re protected.

You can return products very easily if you’re not satisfied with the quality. So that’s something really great to consider that, first of all, you’re on health.com trusted authority site, and then you see the products, all that they’re listing and we’re recommending are at Amazon.

So let’s click on Amazon. Click to Amazon and we see there are 12,200 ratings. That’s quite a lot. And that’s great. So let me just give you a few tips here. So one tip that Anthony who’s also on the napping.com team shared with me is when you go to the review section on Amazon it’s best to click on most recent.

And the reason why I want to do that is because many times a manufacturer will change the quality of for one reason or another they’ve working with different vendors or maybe their quality assurance is just not as good. So if you’re seeing a lot of one, two, three stars, and these are the most recent then, something is going on with the company and it’s not truly reflective of their high rating with the 12,000 ratings.

Okay. So that’s one thing to consider another thing to consider. And I mentioned it a few minutes ago is that if you’re a prime member, see this, you have free returns and my wife and I were probably we’ve been prime members for almost as long as it’s been available and we buy and try products all the time.

And sometimes many times the products are just not up to the quality in which we were expecting and we easily return it. It’s quick. It’s easy. The shipping is it’s paid for. I highly recommend if you’re not a prime member become a prime member, it’s definitely worth the annual cost. Another thing to consider there is a site called fake spot and it will help you determine whether or not a review is fake.

So it’s pretty cool. All you have to do is take this URL . Copy it and then analyze. And it will tell you, fake spot review grade is an a, so that generally means the reviews are legitimate reviews and that’s a great thing to know.

So yeah. I’m not surprised health.com recommended this as their number one. Cooling weighted blanket is filled with glass beads that are woven into the blanket fibers. Wow. That is amazing. I don’t have a weighted blanket yet. However, if I were to get one, it seems like Luna would be one of my top choices and then you have YnM, and then of course, you just continue down the line and you open up the link and you check out the reviews on Amazon.

And here’s another small tip that you may also know or may not know is if you’re looking for a specific keyword or let’s say, for example, other than looking for a cooling weighted blanket, let’s say you’re looking for a weighted blanket that.

We’ll help you, reduce your anxiety. That’s one of the main reasons why a lot of people buy weighted blankets, but you can also search for that keyword in the questions and answers section, which can help, maybe someone said something specific or ask something specific.

Okay. So someone just wants a heavy blanket and they don’t have anxiety or any issues to hopefully resolve from the weighted blanket. So they’re asking a question. I don’t have it. Okay, great. So that’s useful. And you can do the same thing for the reviews. Find out here, click on, see all reviews. Okay.

And here you go. You search the reviews. Let’s say, for example, you let’s do PTSD. That’s another common issue. People are trying to resolve with weighted blankets. So you could see here, someone’s writing a review five star. It has the keyword PTSD here again. So small tip, but this helps, narrowing down the information that you’re looking for.

And, you just continue down the line and we will link out to these these products on Amazon to make it easier for you. Or you can go to health.com, but I hope you found value in this video and until the next video stay afe. And thanks for watching.


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