used cpap machine for sale

Used CPAP Machine for Sale

Snoring, or the more technical term, sleep apnea, is a condition that can strike anyone, regardless of their financial situation.

So what do you do if you’re not financially able to buy a much needed CPAP machine to help you sleep sound and more healthy?

Fortunately there are a few options you can explore that will allow you to find a used CPAP Machine for sale.

Some of these options ensure that their machines and accessories are sterilized and cleaned per their stringent policies.

But more importantly they ensure that prices are affordable for everyone.

The first option on our list, is CPAP Liquidators.

They strive to offer the lowest prices for their CPAP machines and related accessories.

Their machines are used and are in excellent condition and can be categorized as gently used.

Some brands they care include Fisher & Paykel, Transcend, Resmed and many more well known and reliable brands.

And if you’re looking for a specific machine aside from the standard type, such as a mini or travel unit they have those in stock as well.

They claim to only accept quality and excellent condition equipment from their sources, so rest assured you will be getting a machine that is of the best quality.

But if that’s not good enough, they also include a 6-month factory warranty with each purchase.
To learn more go to

They have a licensed Respiratory Therapist on staff 24/7 so they’re available to answer any questions you may have.

As for some other options online, we’ve seen marketplaces such as Craigslist, Ebay, and OLX list some used CPAP Machines for sale.

While the prices were cheaper than what we’ve seen compared at CPAP Liquidators, keep in mind the following:

You’re likely buying from the original owner.

There’s no guarantee of the cleanliness or function of the product.

It’s possible some parts may even be missing.

Also it’s highly unlikely there’s any warranty that will be included with your purchase through these sites.

So our suggestion is, unless the seller is local and you can inspect the CPAP Machine, it could be a risky purchase.


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