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Type of Pillow for Side Sleepers for a Great Night’s Sleep

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Hello, and welcome from the sleep experts here at Napping.com. In today’s video, we’re going to talk about the best type of pillow for side sleepers. What we’re going to do is we’re going to take a look through Reddit conversations, summarize them and get you out the door fast so you can go ahead and pick which pillow is best for you.

Type of Pillow for Side Sleepers

We take a look at the Reddit conversations, so you don’t have to sift through all of the information.

in the first link in the subreddit, basically what they’ve talked about here, someone is asking which pillow is best for side sleepers? A lot of the comments talk about many different brands, which we’ll go into later in this video.

But I think it’s very important to start with this thread because they talk about certain tips when you are looking for a pillow, not just brands. So for example, as a side sleeper the space between your neck and shoulder should be filled up. If there is a gap, it shouldn’t feel uncomfortable.
You’re also gonna want to check to see if the pillow you’re selecting is long enough to fully support your head when you move to your sides or change positions. Check the filling as well. Many side sleepers use pillows made with fiber filling. Also the shape of the pillow matters.

There are different types to choose from, you have the U-shaped, C-shape, roll and etc. There’s a lot of suggestions here in this thread related to that. So I think it’s a really good conversation starter and a great way to start your search for the best pillow for you.

Moving on to the next subreddit which was under the subreddit thread, mattress.

This is a good question because someone actually asked, is it subjective? You know, that’s a good point to bring up. However, there’s still a consensus in this thread people talk about looking for one that’s not too firm, not too thick. And there’s a lot of conversation about shredded latex as well.

Diving into the last link, staying in the mattress subreddit The OP didn’t really like Amazon’s selection nor Casper’s pillow. However, there’s a big shout out to isotonic down alternative side, super pillow in this thread, and also which you’ve seen in the previous thread too, a big thumbs up for the Japanese style, buckwheat hall pillow, a lot of other suggestions and brands in this thread too.

To summarize everything out of these three subreddit, remember that the space between the neck and shoulder should fill up. You want the pillow to fully support your head and a lot have suggested shredded latex. And some mentioned again, as we mentioned,the brands of the isotonic down alternative pillow and a Japanese style buckwheat hull pillow.

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