A Treehouse Retreat for Adults

Remember when you were a kid and you had a treehouse in the backyard and would spend some nights sleeping there in the comfort of your backyard. Or you may have had a friend that had a treehouse you would play in when you’d come over. Some of us never had the pleasure to play in a treehouse as a kid but now, Cypress Valley Canopy Tours has created a treehouse experience for adults and it is magical. Read below to learn more and to capture a glimpse of how it is designed.

Cypress Valley Canopy Tours

Roughly 30 miles west of Austin, you’ll find a unique Texas Hill Country retreat nestled high in the treetops. 

Cypress Valley Canopy Tours in Spicewood offers overnight stays in their stylish treehouses. Each one looks like it would make for a memorable weekend getaway including an exciting zip lining tour.

The Lofthaven Treehouse was built around a grand Cypress tree trunk and boasts an interior that’d be an ideal romantic escape.

Cypress Valley Canopy Tours

Guests use a sky bridge to reach an awe-inspiring waterfall bathtub. Nothing says serenity like soaking under a waterfall while enjoying picturesque views through a window — all while you’re high up in a tree.

You can also take in the aerial views of the ravine on the wraparound porch.

There’s also the Nest Treehouse for larger groups and families.

The kitchen and lounge area offers views of the surrounding area.

For more info, including rates and reservations, visit Cypress Valley Canopy Tours.

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