This Company Makes Custom Wooden Bed Frames With Built-In Pet Beds

While some see furniture as a piece of decoration first, others tend to be more practical with what they put in their homes. It’s a legit concern either way, but, in the end, practicality always wins. After all, in the long run, we begin favoring how convenient something is to sit on over how well the leather brown matches with the piano and the rustic cabinet full of glassware.

Well, this furniture manufacturer is keeping true to the “natural is beautiful” formula, but is in every other respect all for convenience and practicality. Just check out this king-sized bed with all of its storage real estate and with a smaller add-on of pretty much the same, except for your pets.

Country Creations Pine Furniture of Clintonville, Pennsylvania have designed and built a king-sized bed that is not just fit for you, but also fit for your dog, or cat, or ferret, or any other animal companion(s) that’s roaming freely around in your home and wants to stay close to you while you sleep.

This pet-lover bed comes equipped with 6 drawers for storage (3 on each side), this way saving a bunch of space that would have otherwise been wasted. The drawers neatly fit in the bottom part of the bed frame. The bed frame is said to be made of pine wood with varying stain colors, including golden oak, classic gray, dark walnut, early American, and a bunch more.

The main attraction here is the dog bed add-on. It too has a set of 2 to 4 drawers and a flight of stairs, making it easier for the pet to climb on (relevant for smaller pet breeds). While the actual bed is considered a king size, measuring at 80 inches wide (104 including the nightstands) by 110 inches long (203.2×279.4 centimeters), the smaller add-on fits a toddler mattress and measures at 26 inches high by 80 inches wide by 28 inches deep (66.0×71.1×203.2 centimeters).

Country Creations sell these as a set, i.e. a king-sized bed frame with a toddler-sized dog bed, steps, and two night stands, for $1,200 a pop, but the sets can be customized to some degree. The frame with storage only would cost you $800, the dog bed and steps for you to add to your current bed would cost $300, and the two night stands separately would cost $100.

Unfortunately, the bright minds behind this twin plus dog bed design do not have any physical plans for those who want to build these themselves—everything is in their heads. However, if you’re a carpenter or a hobbyist, it shouldn’t be too hard to reconstruct the design using the measurements, pictures, and video provided in the article.

Also, the manufacturer highlights that they do not provide any delivery services, so if you’re interested in getting your hands on one of these beds, you would have to order and pick it up yourselves at 203 Park St, 16372 Clintonville, Pennsylvania, USA. Either that, or organize your own shipping.

The bed is a genius way of finding a compromise with pets who tend to take over your entire bed without any regard for your needs and desires when it comes to sleep. However, it’s also a bit of a gamble if you have picky pets who may or may not still wage war on your precious slumber land that is your bed space, but now with added ease due to the stairs.

People on the internet loved this idea, despite many saying that their dogs will most likely still be their doggy selves and will continue to sleep in the human-sized part of the bed. Others regret not having enough space for a bed as big as this, but considered it as an idea for the future when they relocate to a more spacious location.

One commenter very accurately described this ingenious bed design: “It is not just pine. It is pine, time, ingenuity, passion, space, equipment, general overhead, support of a small business, keeping money in the local economy, and not letting big business win.”

You can check out more from Country Creations Pine Furniture by visiting their Facebook page, and if you want more genius DIY inventions, why not check out another brilliant invention that Bored Panda has recently covered—wine cellar stairs, a staircase that doubles as a place to store wine. But before you go, let us know what you think of the doggy bed add-on! Would you get this for your dog?

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