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We love weighted blankets. They can work wonders for those dealing with anxiety or stress, and can even help those who are just struggling to sleep at night. But we’ve got to admit, they also make some of us a sweaty mess.

Well, it seems our prayers have been answered. Weighted blankets with cooling technology now exist, which means a good night’s sleep without the sweat could be in your very near future.

Why Use Weighted Blankets?

The reason a blanket that weighs 3–20 pounds can be so soothing is that it creates Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation (DTPS), which provides an effect similar to that of getting a massage, activating pressure points on your body that help to relax your nervous system. In other words, it could be your key to the relaxation you’ve been needing!

But if the thought of lying under a weighted blanket and sweating all night long stresses you out even more, they’re clearly not doing you any good.

The Weighted Blankets That Keep You Cool

You can rest easier, however, knowing that there are now weighted blankets with moisture-wicking and breathable fabric that are designed to keep you from getting too hot.

For instance, the brand Weighting Comforts has a COOLMAX Weighted Blanket that’s supposedly made for all seasons. The product description says the blanket will “keep the wearer cool and dry on hot days, while the fiber structures provide warmth on colder days.”

This version retails for $269–$299, depending upon which weight you choose. According to the brand, it’s important to choose a blanket that’s 10 percent of your overall body weight.

Amazon also has some cooling weighted blanket options available, such as this one from BlanQuil, which ranges in price from $169–$249, depending on blanket color, weight, etc. The 15-pound Chill Cooling Weighted blanket in White Frost, for example, is going for $249 and offers “cool to the touch” fabric.

Based on the Amazon reviews, people seem to be pleased with the product, especially those who were concerned about getting overheated at night.

“The blanket was also surprisingly breathable,” one customer wrote. “I did not wake up in the middle of the night, which I normally do, in a pool of sweat (gross).”

Way better than I expected,” wrote another. “The most surprising thing is that it doesn’t make me hot.” 

Another person recommended removing the machine washable cover as another great way to ensure a cool night’s sleep.

“The cover can be taken off for washing,” they wrote. “I removed mine just because it’s summer here and the cover is so plush it makes me to hot. I fall asleep quickly with this blanket and stay asleep all night.”

So for all those sweaty sleepers who toss and turn all night, one of these blankets could be your ticket to a great night’s sleep. Sweet dreams!

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