The Real Truth Behind Weighted Blankets

In the market for a weighted blanket? As you are probably aware, here at we have this topic covered (no pun intended). For all the reviews and advice we provide, it’s always good to get as many perspectives as it takes to be able to feel comfortable in making a decision about a weighted blanket.

This contributor article takes a radical approach when discussing weighted blankets and talks about points that normally aren’t brought up.

Presented are ten fats about weighted blankets that you should be aware of before deciding if a weighted blanket is for you.

Weighted Blanks Can Kill

There, I said it. Let’s get the biggest elephant in the room out of the way by telling you there have been a handful of deaths caused by the use of a weighted blanket. Sadly most of those deaths were children and that brings me onto the next fact which is related to the cause of most of these said deaths…

Weight is The Most Important Issue

Forget the quality of the blanket, forget how cheap it is or how well-known the brand name is, the most important thing to consider when buying a weighted blanket is getting the weight right and making sure it never goes over 10% of your own body weight. Size also comes into a factor on this as a 10kg blanket will often weigh the same if it is a single, double or a king-size blanket. This is VITALLY important when it comes to children as they will often sleep with blankets over their head and sadly that has caused many of the deaths mentioned.

They Don’t Work For Everyone

Sadly the benefits of weighted blankets are nothing more than psychology and that could mean you fork out all that money for a weighted blanket and not get any benefits from it. You really should read my post “Ten Things to Consider Before Buying a Weighted Blanket” before making a purchase as there are some great things to consider in there, like the fact that it might not be for you. There is no science or study data behind weighted blankets, its just a personal choose and a personal benefit rather than a universal one.

Brand & Price Are Meaningless

This is mostly related to the above fact in the point that it doesn’t matter what brand name the weighted blanket is, nor does it matter how much you pay for it. You should always test yourself out with a cheaper one to see if you get any benefits from it before spending crazy amounts of money on one that is of better quality. Many companies will try and tell you theirs offers the best psychological results, but that is simply not true, nor possible as they all offer the same results.

Weighted Also Means They are Awkward

I would consider myself a fairly strong/large person who doesn’t have much trouble lifting most things but trying to pull a weighted blanket back onto your body at 3 AM is not easy. Nor is trying to get them back into their covers if those said covers are washable. If you are not able to lift the weighted blanket easily you have probably brought the wrong weight as it is not just going to be on your back or legs, there will be times when you have to lift it all like when you need to ‘shake it out’, or when someone moves it downstairs for you. Does your career, partner or family member do all the washing and bed changing? If so can they lift it easily as well? It is something to consider for sure.

To read the remaining 5 facts on this list and to read the original article please click here.


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