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We all know how important a good night’s sleep is for improving mental and physical health, boosting our immune system and general daytime performance.

Many people will have experienced a variety of sleep issues including insomnia, sleep disordered breathing and worries about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Excess food and drink over the festive period may have exacerbated these.

Weight gain and alcohol can increase problems with snoring, which is an extremely common problem affecting both males and females and can disrupt the quality of sleep of both the patient and their partner.

About ten per cent of those who snore may have a condition known as obstructive sleep apnoea, where they experience episodes of holding their breath in their sleep, which can cause oxygen deprivation.

This can result in poor sleep, morning headaches and daytime sleepiness. Left untreated it can increase the chances of developing other disorders such as ischaemic heart disease, diabetes, memory problems, dementia and stroke.

Professor Bhik Kotecha, Consultant ENT Surgeon at Nuffield Health Brentwood Hospital in Essex, offers tailored evaluation and treatment plans of sleep disordered breathing and various other sleep disorders.

He said: “In addition to having higher risks of developing the above problems, intrusive snoring can play a detrimental role in relationships and many of these patients are experiencing marital disharmony. Snoring occurs as a result of a turbulent airflow and can affect both children and adults.

“The commonest cause in children is due to enlarged tonsils and adenoids and there is plethora of evidence in the medical literature to demonstrate that removal of tonsils and adenoids in these children dramatically improves their quality of sleep as well as their cognitive function.”

In adults the problem could be due to an obstruction in the nose as a result of a deviated nasal septum or nasal polyps, but more commonly it is the redundant, floppy soft palate in the throat that causes it.

Home sleep studies can be arranged to find out if it is obstructive sleep apnoea, which will then determine the treatment options available in each case, which include oral appliances such as mandibular advancement device or nasal CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure).

Medical treatment with nasal sprays and antihistamines may help patients with allergic rhinitis by improving breathing through the nose and thus improve snoring.

Surgical options

“Patient compliance with medication and appliances can be poor and therefore surgery in carefully selected patients could offer a good alternative,” said Professor Kotecha.

Surgery involves a range of procedures ranging from minimally invasive radiofrequency surgery to soft palate, tongue and nose to more aggressive laser or robotic surgery.

The procedures may also help improve use of other treatments or remove any need for them.

Patient selection is crucial and this is achieved by performing a drug induced sleep endoscopy. Patients are given sedative agents to mimic sleep, snoring and obstruction and a fibre optic endoscope inserted through the nose and in to the throat to look at the upper airway.

Why choose Nuffield Health Brentwood Hospital

Professor Kotecha is one of a number of specialist consultants at the hospital who between them have countless years of experience in ENT, orthopaedics, general surgery, men’s and women’s health, children’s services and cosmetic surgery.

Brentwood Hospital offers a wealth of exceptional clinical services for both patients who have private medical insurance and the self-pay market.

Tracey Howson, Brentwood hospital director, said: “Our Hospital has established itself as one of the leading not-for-profit providers of private healthcare, looking after people for more than 60 years from Brentwood and the surrounding areas.

“Today, we continue to put people before profit, working in partnership with the NHS to benefit the community. We put customers at the heart of everything that we do.”

“With excellent patient satisfaction rates, we are proud of our reputation for clinical excellence and outstanding care. Many of the most experienced, skilled consultants and healthcare professionals in the region choose to practice at our hospital.”

Get in touch with the team at Nuffield Health Brentwood Hospital to find out more about the services offered and to book an appointment. Call 01277 695695 or visit the website.

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