The Best Sleep Technology on Show at CES 2021

From digital pajamas, to AI’s that know when your baby is about to wake, we bring you our picks of the best sleep technology at CES 2021 Digital, the world’s largest consumer electronics showcase event.


In keeping with the post-Covid reality of virtual events becoming the norm, rather than the exception, our annual roundup of the best sleep technology from the Consumer Electronics Show comes not from Las Vegas. This year CES 2021 has gone completely digital.

Whilst the number of exhibitors is less than half that attended in 2020, there are still 1800 tech firms showcasing the newest, most innovative consumer gadgets and gizmos for consumers to look forward to.

One of the notable trends in sleep technology in 2021, are more AI-enabled devices which learn from your sleep behaviour, in order to offer personalized insights and improvements to your sleep.

We’ve also seen a shift away from passive sleep tracking, toward devices that actively try to intervene in promoting better sleep, be it through relaxing music, circadian lighting, aromatherapy or even C02 emissions.

So we invite you to take a virtual stroll with us, through the digital halls of CES 2021 to discover some of the best sleep tech on show this year:


Scientifically validated wearable for in-home sleep diagnostics

In recent years we’ve seen countless firms – including giants such Apple and Fibit – attempt to address the huge global health issue of sleep apnea, estimated to affect up to 1 billion people.

Belgian health-tech startup Sunrise, a CES 2021 Innovation Award Honoree, caught our attention this year because of its novel approach to home-based sleep diagnostics, plus, the promising findings of a recent scientific study into Sunrise’s technology.

Whereas most consumer wearables in the sleep apnea space use something called pulse oximetry ( a measure of the amount of oxygen in your blood) to detect irregular breathing patterns at night. (Check out our review of the Viatom 02Ring for such a device). What makes Sunrise different to its competitors is a technique called mandibular movement analysis (read more in the recent JAMA  study).

With the aid of a small sensor placed just above your chin, Sunrise is able to track the motion of your jaw ( aka ‘mandibular movement’) at night, which, along with a bunch of AI smarts, according to CEO … make Sunrise, “the only certified medical device with fully automated analysis demonstrating agreement over 90% with in-lab sleep studies”

The product of nearly ten years of research and development, Sunrise is a  collaboration between researchers, engineers, and sleep experts.

Price and Availability

Sunrise is currently available in Belgium, France, and the UK from £89,  with the U.S. market a priority for 2021.

More info at :


‘Neuromodulation’ wearable to relieve stress and sleep better

Cove is part of a new wave of ‘neuroscience-based’ wearables that claim to be able to reduce stress, which in turn can improve your sleep. Whilst devices like Muse S, which we covered in last year’s CES roundup, rely on EEG sensors and meditation programs to achieve relaxation, Cove uses a technique called neuromodulation, which aims to target specific neural circuits in the brain by stimulating nerves in the body, in this case by gentle vibrations.

Cove is a headband which according the a press release ‘silently applies gentle vibrations behind the ears that initiate a natural biological pathway between the skin and the brain.’ The frequency of the vibration is designed to stimulate a region of the brain  called the posterior insular cortex which, amongst other things is involved in the modulation of stress.

Designed to be a simple to use, technological fix for reducing anxiety, Cove is meant to be worn for 20-minutes every day, the aim of which is reduced anxiety, enhanced sleep, and improved resilience to stress.

Price and Availability

Cove is available now worldwide and costs $490

More info at :


AI-powered soothing baby + toddler crib

Joining an ever-growing list of ‘smart’ baby beds, this year saw the debut of Cradlewise, the world’s first ‘AI Powered, self-learning crib.’

Designed for babies and toddlers from 0 to 24 months, Cradlewise is a 3-in-1 bassinet, crib and sleep monitor packed with a bunch of sensors, motors and AI smarts that claim to learn your baby’s sleeping habits, favourite songs, detect when your little one is about to wake up and gently bounce them back to sleep.

As any parent can tell you it’s much easier to calm a baby before he/she reaches full-on screaming. So unlike Snoo, a smart crib that came out 2 years ago, Cradlewise doesn’t wait for your baby to start crying in order to gentle bounce it back to sleep. Instead it uses predictive algorithms and begins to soothe when baby is in the ‘quiet phase’ of sleep but about to wake up.

Along with sleep tracking, video/infra-red monitoring and of course, the obligatory companion app to track your baby’s progress, Cradlewise is the smartest baby bed we’ve seen to date!

Price and Availability

Cradlewise is available for pre-order and costs $1499.00

More info at:

Aromeo Sense

Multi-sensory sleep aid incorporating aromatherapy, sound and light

Currently raising funds on IndieGogo, Aromeo Sense is an all-in-one wellness device incorporating aromatherapy, custom light programs, and soothing sounds. Aromeo Sense features three built-in multisensory programs inspired by ‘nature and science’, namely Sleep, Relax and Focus.

The Sleep moodule prepares your body for bedtime with a dimming sunset light, a ‘sedative’ aroma, and sot music. In the morning, the device transforms into a sunlight alarm clock, a different, uplifting aroma plus upbeat, energizing music.

The Relax program features a pulsing light to guide your breathing, a gentle aroma, and music suited for meditation. Finally, Focuss sports an alertness-intensifying blue light, a fresh aroma and soft music.

Scents are added via 3 pod slots, which you can then blend to make your own scent. A waterless diffuser, and 3 intensity levels means you can experience aromatherapy up to a room area of 37 sqm (400 sqft).

Price and Availability

Aromeo Sense is available for pre-order on IndieGogo

Early Bird Discounted Offers from $139 (RRP=$239 )

More info at: IndieGogo

MariSleep Snoring Suppression System

Smart bass speaker that detects and prevents snoring

New anti-snoring prototype from MaRI Co. Ltd is testament to the seemingly never-ending amount of innovation in the consumer sleep tech space.

Snoring is a huge global problem, and unsurprisingly there are countless products on the market – chin straps, positional devices, inflating pillows – that claim to relieve you and your partner from the sleep disturbances caused by noisy snoring.

But this Japanese health-tech outfit has come up with a completely new idea – a bedside device that first detects you snoring, and then, using a built-in loud speaker, it will emit bass frequencies, lower than the range of human hearing, which won’t wake you uk, but will gently stimulate your body into shifting positions, hence interrupting you from snoring.

This ‘Sound Field Formation Technology’ provides a convenient, non-contact way to combat your snoring without disturbing your parter.  It’s slightly wacky, but we love the idea!

Price and Availability

Product is still in prototype. Price unknown

More info contact:

Olly Portable Light Therapy System

We’re big fans of light therapy technology as an effective means of improving the quality of our sleep. Another related trend in recent years has been the embracing of ‘human-centric lighting’ (HCL), which factors in the physiological effects of light and incorporates sleep and circadian science to design lighting products to improve general wellness throughout the day.

Olly is one such example of an innovative HCL product.  This compact, portable lighting system from Korean startup, Luple (Light that Understands People – get it!) was developed with support from Samsung, and focuses on ways to deal with sleep problems or people lacking light due to longer hours of staying indoors, especially during the pandemic situation.

Coming in a range of colours, Olly offers two modes, Night and Day to help you, respectively to sleep better, and boost your energy. Day mode is a 20 minute program of light with an increase in the 480nm spectrum and is claimed to give you the same energy boost as an espresso shot.

With USB-C charging,  6-hour battery life, a neat swivelling design and lots of considered design features, Olly looks like a great solution to easily incorporate HCL into your life, whether it’s at home, in the office or on the move.

Price and Availability

Currently shipping to Kickstarter backers. Early Bird prices from $49

More info:

Xenoma E-Skin Digital Pajamas

Smart pajamas to track your sleep and more

If you’ve landed on this page, there’s a good chance you’re someone who’s reasonably open-minded about new technological innovations. But even the most hardened neophile would be forgiven for questioning whether the world really needs a pair of smart, IoT-connected pajamas….

This year at CES however, saw a new clothing range from Japanese firm Xenoma, who, since 2015 have been developing the next generation of smart apparel, equipped with ‘e-skin’ technology. Xenoma’s e-skin technology spans a wide range of products, for everyday wear, for athletes, babies, plus products designed for specific purposes including biomechanics research, motion video tracking and more.

The new e-skin Sleep and Lounge range looks like a pair of regular pajamas, but along with the included Smart Hub, these PJs can analyze the wearer’s sleep condition, heart rate, breathing, and vital signs and even connect to your smart home to automatically adjust the room environment.

Putting aside cynicism about the futility of donning digital jim-jams (that’s UK slang for PJs!), Xenoma has also designed the Sleep and Lounge range to cater for remote-monitoring situations, particularly for the elderly and unwell. For this reason these smart pajamas can even detect when the wearer has tripped and fallen, and then immediately notify your chosen contact by smartphone.

Price and Availability

Currently only available in Japan

More info:

Other mentions

That’s the end of our roundup, but here’s a brief mention to some other products we didn’t have time to cover:


Ainenne is an intriguing device that uses ‘cry pattern analysis’  based on studies of cry patterns of 150,000 babies across 150 countries to provide recommedndations on when best to wake up your baby.

More info:


Like Sunrise, Tatch is part of a new generation of sleep analysis tools that enable simple, but accurate assessments of your sleep in the comfort of your home. Tatch comes in the form of a 3-inch patch worn on the skin and can analyse different aspects of your sleep and then connect you with sleep specialist to make further diagnoses based on your Tatch result.


I’m not even sure if GoSleep is based on science, or even safety, but it proudly deserves a mention, if nothing else, just for the sheer invention. But essentially, GoSleep is a bedside device that uses the drowsiness inducing effects of CO2 gases, ASMR and aromatherapy to lull you to sleep.

That’s it for our annual roundup of the best consumer sleep technology. Next year, fingers crossed we’ll be reporting live and direct from Vegas!

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