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Smallest CPAP Mask

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CPAP masks of the past were synonymous with large bulky face masks that were heavy and cumbersome to put on. Since then, the innovation in the CPAP industry has paved the way for the smallest CPAP Mask as a more lightweight options are engineered. We will explore these options together.

You might assume that CPAP masks are big and bulky. However, there are many new designs that provide comfort and are very lightweight. The smallest CPAP mask designs are called nasal masks or nasal pillows.

Many manufacturers have adopted a newer design of the nasal mask or a nose pillow. When it comes down to CPAP masks, getting a good seal is key. This design provides airflow directly to the nasal passages to direct air into the lungs. Nose breathers is the correct way of sleeping as mouth breathing can contribute to snoring and sleep apnea. The nasal type of masks are smaller and less bulky.

Plus, they are easier to use because require less straps since they do not require as many for full face masks.

As a result, they are definitely more comfortable. Made typically made from silicone and designed to rests on your Nasal passages, it’s very, very comfortable and to have minimal facial contact.

The next mask design if you can’t get a good seal with a nasal pillow is a Nasal CPAP Mask. These cup your nose over and cover your nose bridge to about the upper lip. Your nostrils are covered as well. These are typically good for individuals who require higher pressure as the nose nasal pillow mask can’t really handle the high pressure.

If neither nasal masks or pillow work for you if you happen to be a mouth breather, you have the option of a full face hybrid mask. The hybrid design allows you to have the seal and direct airflow to the nose and month.

However, it is less cumbersome and great for those with glasses. The Philips Dreamwear line is a terrific line for individuals looking for comfort.

How tight should a CPAP mask be?

As mentioned earlier, you want to maintain a good seal in order to have the correct pressure delivered to your lungs. However, the CPAP should be snug only and not dig into your face. The key is to be comfortable.

Here is a tip, wear your mask and lay on your face, then adjust the straps to accommodate your position.

Here are the top picks for the Nasal Masks:

ResMed P10 Nasal Mask

Smallest CPAP Mask

It’s designed to be 50% lighter than most nasal pillow masks. Many customers report that it’s very, very comfortable. In addition, it is very quiet as well. The two head straps allow for minimal facial contact and least amount of equipment. There are two different sizes for men and women.

The other top pick is: Philips Respironics Dreamwear

Smallest CPAP Mask

With its open view design, it’s great for watching TV or reading. The hollow frame design is soft and comfortable on the face The hose connector at the top of the head delivers air through the silicon frame and allows for greater mobility in bed.

If you are a mouth breather, we recommend you check out the Dreamwear Full Face Mask by Philips Respironics. This is a hybrid design that provides full face functionality with the comfort of a nose pillow. It also uses the top of the head design for the hose for mobility.

Both RedMed and Philips Respironics are the brands we recommend. For more product reviews, recommendations and sleep information subscribe to our channel.

The Smallest CPAP Mask to AVOID

Note: For CPAP masks that are advertised on KickStarter or Third Party websites. Our research has discovered that these options do not deliver the same pressure directly to the lungs compared to CPAP machines from ResMed and Philip Respironics.

Smallest CPAP Mask

We do not recommend these types yet. Perhaps there might be an option in the future but testing has shown that they do not make a difference or improvement with the sleep apnea.


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