Sleep Technology Leader ChiliSleep Partners With Pioneering Exercise

Kryo, Inc., the parent company of sleep technology brand ChiliSleep, today announced that it has partnered with fitness equipment maker Sorinex Exercise Equipment, INC. This unites two businesses still run by founding families — the Youngbloods and the Sorins — and gives Sorinex customers premier access to ChiliSleep’s award-winning, clinically researched sleep performance solutions that help athletes and top performers recover as well as they train.

“Our customers look out for us, and we look out for them. This partnership with ChiliSleep is a natural fit and gives our loyal customers the best of the best in terms of performance and recovery.”

Sorinex has long touted the benefits of sleep to its customers, both to enhance muscle recovery and to improve the ability to train longer at peak performance.

ChiliSleep’s temperature-regulated cooling mattress pads not only improve deep sleep, they also stimulate a natural boost in human growth hormone (HGH). Indeed, a whopping 70% of HGH release occurs during deep sleep. That means that increasing deep sleep equals more HGH, and more HGH equals greater muscle gains. Thus, more deep sleep equals stronger muscles.

“The key to unlocking the deepest sleep lies in temperature regulation. What’s so exciting about this partnership with Sorinex is that, when used in tandem with a finely-tuned strength and conditioning regimen, our complementary products help maximize recovery for performance athletes. The natural growth hormone boost is significant…better than any supplement on the market!” said ChiliSleep CEO and Co-Founder Tara Youngblood.

“When the body is well-rested it is able to replenish glycogen stores, maintain testosterone levels, reduce inflammation, and boost motor skill development,” according to Bert Sorin, Sorinex President.

“Being in the strength and conditioning world, we know that whether you’re a coach, pro athlete, or student-athlete, the importance of sleep cannot be overstated,” said Sorin. “Our customers look out for us, and we look out for them. This partnership with ChiliSleep is a natural fit and gives our loyal customers the best of the best in terms of performance and recovery.”

About ChiliSleep™

ChiliSleep™ is a sleep technology brand focused on the future of sleep-driven health. As the original inventors of the world’s first hydro-powered, temperature-regulated sleep system, ChiliSleep is revolutionizing the way the world sleeps. ChiliSleep’s award-winning sleep solutions chiliPAD™ and OOLER® consistently outperform the competition in the cooling/warming mattress topper category. Consumer Reports recently ranked the OOLER a 5/5 and #1 overall, with chiliPAD coming in at #2. In 2019, Tech News World voted the OOLER “Product of the Year.” For more information, please visit us at or on our social media channels @chilisleep.

About Kryo, Inc.

Kryo, Inc., the parent company of ChiliSleep, is the world’s leading innovator of temperature- regulated sleep solutions engineered to optimize health and wellness. Through core temperature-regulation products and wearable sleep devices, plus future coaching platforms, educational apps, and biofeedback features, ChiliSleep and Ebb provide clinically researched and drug-free sleep therapies to improve sleep quality. Founded by Tara and Todd Youngblood, Kryo introduced its first product, the chiliPAD™, in 2007 and in 2019 was appointed Best Wellness Product for Powerful Moms in Business by Forbes. Kryo is currently ranked #615 on the 2020 Inc. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Small Companies. For more information, please visit and

About Sorinex Exercise Equipment, Inc.

Sorinex is a family-owned strength training equipment company and is the most sought-after strength brand for professional teams, colleges, high schools, military bases, and athletes looking to build a home gym. Some of our innovations have changed the face of strength training forever, and can be found in almost any serious gym in the world. Our one-on-one process for creating custom solutions and branding for your unique situation sets us apart from other companies. When you go with Sorinex, you become a part of the Bosco Brotherhood. For more information, please visit us at or on Twitter @Sorinex.

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