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7 Easy Fixes for Snoring

You may be among the 45% of normal adults who snore at… 

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Snoring and Sleep

What Causes Snoring?  

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Challenging Ways Technology Affects Your Sleep

It may seem harmless to knock out a few emails before bed… 

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Blue Light Has a Dark Side

What is blue light? The effect blue light has on your sleep… 

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There Are 13 Types of Insomnia—Here’s What to Know…

Can’t sleep? You don’t have to lie awake for… 

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Cultivate the Perfect Evening Routine to Avoid Insomnia

What you can do during the day It may seem silly to think… 

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Are Natural Sleep Aids Safe?

Around one-third of American adults1 sleep less… 

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8 Natural Sleep Aids: What Works?

Why should I use a natural sleep aid? Difficulty falling… 

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What To Eat Throughout The Day To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Though no particular food is a magic cure, there are… 

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The Best Mattress for Kids, Based On The Sleep Doctor’s Expert Input

Sleep is an invaluable aspect of health and wellbeing for… 

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Three Simple Bedroom Changes To Make In 2021

There are three simple changes you can make to your sleep… 

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The Overwhelming Benefits of Power Napping

While small children typically take naps in the afternoon,… 

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The Different Types of Naps You Need to Know

Not all naps are created equal, and many factors impact how… 

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The Secret (and Surprising) Power of Naps

Need to recharge? Don't lean on caffeine -- a power nap… 

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Napping: Do’s and Don’ts for Healthy Adults

Unsure whether napping is good for you? Understand the pros… 

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