Remote CPAP Mask Selection Software Comparison Guide

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Patients who are prescribed positive airway pressure therapy now have the option of being fitted for the interface from the privacy of their own homes. HIPAA-compliant software requires a patient photo (and sometimes specific measurements) to recommend CPAP masks. The trend of remote CPAP mask fittings has been accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic, since traditional mask fittings did not allow for physical distancing. Compare mask selectors on parameters such as supported masks, availability, pricing structure, tech requirements, and tech support.

Company: Philips ResMed SleepGlad sovaSage
Tool: Philips Respironics Mask Selector ResMed MaskSelector SleepGlad TherapistAssist
Description: Using a proprietary sizing algorithm and advanced 3D facial-scanning technology, Philips Mask Selector helps determine an accurate, personalized CPAP mask recommendation to promote adherence, reduce refits, and alleviate costs. To support partners during COVID-19, Philips also introduced a 2D mobile version for remote use from the patient’s home. ResMed MaskSelector creates personalized mask recommendations based on a patient’s sleep attributes and facial measurements. An HME provides a HIPAA-compliant single-use link via text or email to a patient, who then answers a brief questionnaire and enters three facial measurements into a portal. Based on the patient’s responses, the tool recommends a mask. SleepGlad offers a patented, cloud-based 3D mask fitting solution built on AI technology that includes multiple manufacturers. With machine learning, SleepGlad maximizes outcomes for PAP compliance, minimizes mask refits, optimizes legacy masks into newer technology, and offers data-driven results. Patients simply take a selfie either remotely or in person. SovaSage TherapistAssist software’s AI and computer-vision technology is an easy and accurate mask fitting solution. The sovaSage FitScore ranks and sizes the best mask, regardless of manufacturer, reducing costs and mask exchanges and empowering better RT decisions.
Supported Masks: Philips Respironics ResMed (44) ResMed (13), Philips Respironics (8), Fisher & Paykel (5), 3B (4), Circadiance (3) All manufacturers’ masks
Available to: Sleep Disorders Centers, Private Sleep Practices, HMEs/DMEs HMEs/DMEs Sleep Disorders Centers, Private Sleep Practices, HMEs/DMEs, Direct to Consumer Sleep Disorders Centers, Private Sleep Practices, HMEs/DMEs
Pricing: Equipment available for purchase or monthly rental, bundled or at individual equipment levels with an optional 60-day evaluation period. No charge for initial term (due to public health emergency and encouragement of remote care). Both transactional per scan and discounted, tiered packages exist. Setup fee and pay per use.
HIPAA Compliant: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tech Requirements for Health Facility: Software and 3D camera are compatible with PC laptops and desktops as well as standard tablets. Internet connection with up-to-date browser. No application downloads required. Internet and browser only. No software or hardware required. smart phone
Tech Requirements for Patient: Toolkit available to diagnosis system speeds and how they will work with Mask Selector: Internet connection with up-to-date browser. No application downloads required. Internet and browser only. No software or hardware required. smart phone
Tech Support for Health Facility: ResMed tech support Via phone, web, and email Available
Tech Support for Patient: Directed back to HME Via phone, web, and email Not available directly
Launch Year: 2020 2020 2020 2020
Last updated Dec 2020. A version of this guide published in the January 2021 print issue.

Information for this guide based on data submitted by software marketers. Sleep Review strives for accuracy in all data but cannot be held responsible for claims made by marketers. Pricing is subject to change. All remote CPAP mask software marketers get one listing at no charge. Advertisers are offered multiple listings. All software programs may not be included. We plan to update this guide every two years. Email sroy[at] to be considered for the next update.

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