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Pillows for Bad Shoulders to Help Relieve the Pain

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In this video, we’ll be listing the top 3 recommended pillows for bad shoulders.

Before we give our recommendations here are some additional pointers when shopping for a pillow to help with shoulder discomfort.

What to Consider for a Pillow for Shoulder Pain?

  • Firmness level – find the firmness level that fits your preference
  • Shape – there are specialty pillows that have irregular shapes when normal shaped pillows aren’t doing the job
  • Quality materials – you want to make sure you select a pillow that will keep its form and shape

What are some materials best for shoulder pain?

  • Memory Foam – this material contours to the body to help alleviate pain and pressure
  • Buckwheat – these tend to be more on the firm side but very supportive. Also usually is adjustable
  • Down alternative – tends to be more on the value side. This pillow mimics authentic down which is usually soft and light when resting yourself on a down pillow

Why is a pillow important?

Choosing the proper pillow can help alleviate day-to-day shoulder pain symptoms.

Having an unsupportive pillow could actually cause shoulder pain or worsen the condition

Not only should you have a pillow comfortable for you but make sure the rest of your bed is comfortable too such as your mattress and your bedding sheets.

And now, here are’s top 3 recommended pillows for Bad Shoulders:

  1. Eli & Elm Cotton Side-Sleeper Pillow
  • Best for side sleepers with shoulder pain
  • Gives an ergonomic shape that promotes alignment when sleeping on your side
  • It is an adjustable pillow
  1. Parachute Down Alternative Pillow
  • An affordable option for value seekers
  • Provides padding and support while keeping the microfibers hypoallergenic
  • Three pillow densities to choose from.
  1. PlushBeds Shoulder Zoned Lavender Pillow
  • Best for pressure relief from shoulder pain
  • Gives off a soothing lavender smell as the pillow is infused with the scent
  • Conforms to the head and neck using adaptive memory foam
pillows for bad shoulders

To learn more about these best pillows for bad shoulders please visit our resource section for pillows.


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