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Napping Pods NYC

Nap York was a 24-hr establishment based primarily in Manhattan that enabled travelers and New Yorkers to stop in and catch a quick nap.

Users would pay from $15 per short 30 minute nap and also had subscription based plans starting at $250 per month.

Unfortunately, after researching the company further it appears they had to shut their doors and close.

According to they were forced to close back in September 2018 due to city violations which included fire escape and sprinkler systems violations.

And per their Yelp listing it does in fact appear Nap York is now closed.

So what are your options if you’re looking for a napping pod in NYC.


Day Use is a different concept that Nap York in the sense that they offer day use of a hotel room.

You aren’t required to stay overnight and therefore the pricing is substantially cheaper.

And that’s perfect too, since one may only need a mid-day nap to rest and recover prior to their next destination.

They have a wide selection of dozens of participating hotels.

Many of these hotels are upscale, luxurious hotels that offer a quiet respite from the bustling NYC scene.
The process is easy.

Check their site and find the room you like and book it for several hours.

Time slots start from 12 PM to 6 PM and typically prices will be up to 75% discounted from regular room rates.

For more info go to

Or check the links in the description below.

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