napping pods for sale

Napping Pods for Sale

With the work at home movement rising sharply over the past several months, it seems obvious that napping pods at the office and in general may not be in high demand.

But one alternative to consider is, those working at home may lack the limited quiet time space to get that much needed rest.

And if that resonates with you then you must be looking for a napping pod for sale. 

Nap or Sleep Pods can range in pricing from low 4-figures to close to 5-figures depending on the brand and added features included.

Here are just a few places to find napping pods for sale: is one of the more known producers of nap pods and some notable highlights of their Nap Pod, named the EnergyPod include:

Ergonomic design that elevates the users feet which relieves pressure from the cardiovascular system.

Additionally, this health benefitting design eases the lower back muscles and relieves tension.

The privacy visor is a dome shaped sphere that provides enough privacy without fully enclosing its top.

For more info on the EnergyPod check out

Another new Pod in the marketplace is the HOHM Sleeping Pod. This pod claims to be the versatile option for Essential and Health workers who are on a long or late-night shift and need to rest.

Other locations perfect for the HOHM Sleeping Pod are Universities and Airports.

They have a versions for indoor pods and outdoor pods.

The unique feature of the HOHM Pod is the fact that it’s a mini bedroom which includes a small sized bed.

For more info on the HOHM Pod visit  

Another versatile napping pod with 4 different types of pods in their product line is the Napzzz Napping Pod.

Headquartered in New York City, Napzzz pods have been installed in over 50 organizations in the US.

Some reasons why Napzzz pods are growing in popularity is because it offers complete privacy in a very small footprint.

And despite being small it’s very comfortable and quiet.

Check out their various pods at

Those are just 3 Brand options for napping pods for sale and I hope between those options you find the right one for your or your companys needs.


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