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Do you find your mask becoming unbearably hot against your face during the night? Or you wake up feeling like there’s a layer of grime between your skin and the seal? Your mask feeling too hot can make it difficult to stay compliant with your CPAP and still feel like you’re getting a good night’s rest. Below we’ll take a look at what might be causing so much heat in your mask, and ways you can remedy it for a cooler night’s rest.

5 ways to deal with a mask that’s too hot:

1. Avoid over-tightening your mask.

When your supplies are old, the seal will become loose and ineffective. Because this happens slowly over time, most folks end up not noticing it. Instead, they will tighten their mask a little more, thinking they just need the seal a little closer.

Eventually this leads to over-tightening that can cause pain, marks, and the annoying “hot mask” feeling. With the seal pressed so hard against your skin, it can’t regulate temperature very well, and you may even begin to sweat as your skin tries to provide relief from the too-tight mask. You can avoid this by replacing your supplies with fresh ones regularly on the recommended, insurance-backed schedule.

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2. Use the automatic climate control setting.

You may be surprised to learn that your CPAP machine might be making your mask hot. If you use heated tubing, you can end up with hot, moist air on your face. However, with ResMed’s AirSense 10 AutoSet you won’t need to worry about your heated tubing leaving your face hot, since the machine automatically adjusts to your climate needs with:

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3. Change to a lighter, cooler mask.

Some mask and headgear combinations may just fit your face poorly, and cause unnecessary friction. Or, they might be a bit too bulky and sit heavy on your skin. If this is the case, we recommend switching to a mask with a minimal headgear, like the AirFit N30. This mask features a nasal cradle cushion that conforms to the shape of your nose to provide an excellent seal. The AirFit N30 also boasts:

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4. Remove irritants from your mask.

If your mask isn’t kept clean every day, it will break down faster and lose its seal quicker. This can lead to over-tightening which often makes your mask feel hotter.

A dirty mask can also aggravate your skin and cause it to heat up in response. You can avoid these issues with daily cleanings, made easy with the Sleep8 CPAP cleaner, which features:

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If buildup on your mask is a common issue for you, try our Mask Wipes for daily use!

5. Cushion your face from heavy pressure.

You can supplement full face and nasal cushion masks with Mask Shields, which provide a soft cotton barrier and improves the fit of your mask. Mask shields absorb sweat and reduce pressure on your face by adding extra cushion between you and the mask. They will also help plug up small leaks due to pressure and sweating. With more cushion and less sweat, you won’t heat up as much during the night.

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