I Never Worried About a Good Night’s Sleep After I Discovered This

I didn’t always have trouble sleeping. When I was younger, I slept like a log 💤💤. I could sleep on a bad mattress, snooze through noisy roommates, I had even been accused of snoring during a movie with things blowing up left and right. It just wasn’t an issue for me. And then in my 30s something just changed.

It’s 11:30 pm, my husband is snoring and I want to SCREAM!

I would lie in bed most nights staring at my phone, looking through blogs mindlessly, playing some random word game, trying to ignore all the things I didn’t end up getting to that day. I gave up on checking the clock, it was just a neon sign telling me I wasn’t asleep. The only way I got any sleep was through sheer exhaustion around two or three in the morning.

Most mornings I would drag myself out of bed angry, power through my day frustrated, a total zombie, and basically implode by dinnertime. I was tired, forgetful, ready to snap at anything. I just wasn’t getting the sleep I needed, it was turning me into someone I didn’t know, and I hated it.

I couldn’t take it anymore – I needed help 🙏

My sister Sara was always something out of a fairy tale, no bags under her eyes, amazing skin, always chipper and empathetic, basically the complete opposite of what I had become. She was six years older than me with twice as many kids, but those days it didn’t even feel like I could ever keep up with her.

One day the kids were playing and we were sitting chatting, as usual I was venting about things, and I just broke down and said. “How do you keep everything together? I feel like a complete train wreck most of the time!” She smiled and told me all about her own “train wreck” phase. I thought that she had always been on top of things, but while I was busy at school she went through something very similar to me. She ran upstairs for a minute and came back down with three little bottles. She told me that she found a natural solution for getting more sleep AND taking care of her skin.

Here’s her secret!

In order for her to keep her sanity and amazing complexion, she said, it came down to three things — quality sleep, managing her anxiety, and pampering her skin each night. As soon as she said this it just clicked for me … I do struggle with anxiety. It has affected me more and more since having kids. Dealing with the feelings of anxiety got me into these endless cycles that definitely contributed to my sleepless nights and quick temper. Sara said she would give me a set of the oils and show me her three-step, nightly routine!!!

Sara’s “Secret to Happiness” (3 Little Bottles)

The Secret to My Sleep Happiness

I’m the type of person who has to try things for myself to believe them, so the same day she gave them to me I started using them. Her instructions were simple:

Step 1 – Diffuse a Deep Sleep Essential Oil Blend an hour before bed.

Step 2 – Apply a Stress & Anxiety Essential Oil Blend to my temples and feet at night.

Step 3 – Apply this overnight serum to my face just before bed.

It seemed simple enough

and I was willing to do anything that might help me get a better night’s sleep. I really did love the subtle calming aroma that the Deep Sleep oil gave off. And the skin serum she gave me immediately made my skin feel amazing. But it wasn’t until that next morning that I was truly converted. I woke up feeling rested and relaxed … no zombie mommy, no stomping down the stairs to pour some coffee, no aching for a nap at lunchtime. I felt like I could handle anything that came at me that day.

I had to get more great sleep, I had to get more oils! I inspected the label to see what the blend of oils was. These little bottles of joy were made by . Even though it was just one night of amazing sleep, I was hooked and willing to make this a nightly habit.

After one week of using the ’s three-step process, I could tell my mind and body was finally able to get the rest it needed. I was reading online and found that only when you get into the third state of sleep, known as ‘deep sleep’, is your body able to repair tissues and strengthen your immune system. Also, as you get older, you naturally sleep more lightly. More and more studies show you still need just as much ‘deep sleep’ then as you did in your twenties. Now I use this three-step process to kick-start myself into that same relaxing deep sleep I got when I was younger.

The more I found out about proper sleep, the more everything just clicked.

Sara talked to me about all the symptoms that she faced when she struggled with the same issues that I am facing, here is what she said:

  • Memory loss (who me?)
  • Depression (a bit)
  • Irritability (don’t ask)
  • Premature aging of skin (Hey, MYOB).

I wanted to know more about and their products because along with my quest for a great night’s sleep, I’ve been trying to stick to products that are all natural. Our bodies are just inundated with chemicals and toxins that interfere with so many natural processes. I was excited to find out that all products made by are 100% natural and GC/MS tested to certify product purity.

Since sleep was my biggest problem, (notice the past tenses), I initially spent more time researching what was so special about ’s Deep Sleep.   really knows the difference between basic aromatic oils and complex therapeutic oils. They specifically selected a particular type of Bulgarian Lavender due to its high potency. This type of lavender provides the highest levels of Lavender’s therapeutic qualities, allowing your mind to decompress so you can get to sleep, but even more important, it actually helps you to stay asleep. ’s Deep Sleep also contains Indonesian Vetiver, which is known to relax physical and emotional systems.

I also became obsessed with the ’s Serum Y Overnight Youth. I really can’t say enough about this product. The more I read about the ingredients, the more I’m convinced that it belongs in high end cosmetic stores. It contains rosehip oil, which is commonly found in ultra high quality cosmetics since it is full of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that are known to correct dark spots and hydrate the skin. Serum Y also contains caterri frankincense harvested from mountain regions in the Middle East.

selected this type of frankincense because it is known to reduce scars and rejuvenate the skin. Many around the world use it as a preventative measure against skin cancers. It also contains a luxurious oil called helichrysum, used for helping to heal cuts, scars and most importantly, tone the skin. If you’re looking for youthful elasticity in your skin after a solid night’s rest, helichrysum will be your best friend! (It is actually used to treat acne as well, which is why I use it during the day now too)

I Wish I could Tell Everyone!

has such an amazing natural three-step solution to better sleep and better skin. My life is better for it, which is why I really wanted to share my story with you. I’m a better mom, I’ve got more patience, I don’t get angry for no reason, and I’m just happier every single day. AND since the three-step process is 100% kid-friendly, everyone in the family can enjoy the benefits!

Now, the good news for you is that is currently offering a special promotion to try Deep Sleep if you just covering shipping and handling! It’s just $6.95 to have the product sent to you to try for yourself and see how it can make a difference in your life. They are also offering the same deal on Serum Y for anyone who tries their Deep Sleep oil. From what I understand, this promotion is only available for the next 72 hours and could disappear soon, so please don’t wait! It changed my life for the better … could it do the same for you?

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