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March 19, 2021 11:59 pm EST.

It’s always nice to take a bit of time out of your day for a quick nap. Not only does it feel good, but science says it can also help you come back to your day refreshed and ready to tackle your day. In honor of National Sleep Awareness Month and National Napping Day we are giving away the Ultimate Power Nap Pack! Submit your Entry now!

What better way to celebrate National Sleep Awareness Month and National Napping Day and bring more awareness on the importance of napping and the quality of sleep than to enter this giveaway! Enter today and share with your friends to gain more chances to win!

The Health Benefits of Napping:

In honor of National Napping Day and to promote the benefits of napping we pulled together a collection of articles and stories to highlight the benefits of napping. Click on each headline to read more about how napping can boost your health, improve your productivity and protect you against illness.

  1. Naps Vs Coffee? Which is Better?
  2. Napping Two or Three Times a Week is Good for Heart Health
  3. Is Napping Better Than a Cup of Caffeinated Coffee?
  4. Why a Power Nap Should Be 30 Minutes or Less
  5. The Best Way to Nap
  6. Boosting Performance and Mood Through Naps
  7. How to Power Nap Smart
  8. How COVID-19 Pandemic Can Impact Your Sleep Pattern
  9. Taking Naps and the Impact It has on Social Anxiety

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