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CPAP Supply Companies – Top Companies to Put Your Trust In

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In this video we’re going to answer discuss CPAP Supply Companies

You may have recently received a prescription for a CPAP machine from your doctor and you have questions on what are your options. If you haven’t been prescribed a CPAP machine but are looking for one or for a loved on, continue to watch as you may eventually end up receiving a prescription for one.

Here are some things to consider when searching for CPAP Supply Companies:

Using a DME Provider

Your doctor probably provided you with a list of some options for supply companies such as Apria, Lincare or Advanced Home Care. 

The thing to consider about these options is that they are contractual and thus aren’t allowed to change pricing for covered items.

What that means is that you might not get the best price available even if the item is supposed to be covered by your insurance depending on your copay/deducible is. 

A few other items to keep in mind is that universally these DME provider’s don’t have the best reviews on customer support. Some others have a better reputation than other’s in the space so make sure you do your research on who to choose and to stay away from.

Also, if you do go this route, make sure to follow your claims from the DME you work with and your insurance. There have been many stories that the claim was rejected and an outstanding balance was sent to collections.

You might be asking, what other alternatives might I have when looking for a CPAP Supply Company?

If a DME provider doesn’t see to be what you’re looking for and don’t want to deal with any potential headaches, you do other options such as:


Although not always in stock, Amazon has the exact same supplies for half or less the regular price

Make sure to compare Amazon with any DME provider before choosing your supplier.


eBay is another place people may not thinking about when looking for CPAP Supplies but there are great deals to be found. 

With their feedback system you should be able to find a trustworthy seller for CPAP Supplies. is also a reputable site that has all of the choice machines available.

You have the option to pay with your HSA card for reimbursement.

When searching for CPAP supplies we hope this helps your search to find your supplies at the value and quality service you’re looking for.

cpap supply companies

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