Weighted Blankets

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Weighted blankets have provided help and support for those suffering from insomnia, sleepless nights and fidgeting. Learn about the best brands and blankets on the market.


The best weighted blankets and sleep accessories on the… 

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Gravity Blankets utilize the power of weight to relax your… 

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Harkla’s weighted blankets for kids help naturally… 

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Sivio, is the brand specialized in weighted blanket. They… 

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The Tranquility Weighted Blanket applies a deep, calming… 

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Best Cooling Weighted Blankets For Adults


Experience increased comfort at night with the Therapedic… 

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Bearaby Napper

Bearaby Napper is a top-selling weighted blanket and can be… 

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Hearth & Crate

4 1/2 stars with 560 Reviews on Amazon and has a buttery… 

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Abound Lifestyle

Abound Lifestyle Chunky Knit Blanket4 1/2 stars on Amazon… 

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4 1/2 stars on Amazon with 30 reviews is a newer version of… 

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sweet zzz weighted blanket

Sweet ZZZ Weighted Blanket

The most important characteristic of the Sweet ZZZ Weighted… 

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Big Blanket

The blanket that changed the world, now ready to change… 

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Hush Blankets

What makes us different is that the Hush Blanket will also… 

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Best Weight for a Weighted Blanket

Luna Blankets

A new kind of bedding company. Using the highest quality… 

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Moxie Blankets

We have personally seen the success of weighted blankets… 

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Mosaic Weighted Blankets

Mosaic Weighted Blankets provide a way to truly calm down… 

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