Chiromatic Announces First-of-its-Kind Innovative Sleep Technology

Chiromatic, a Chiropractor- approved sleep innovation company, today announced the world’s first mattress to use LoomAir 3DTM technology.

The original pioneers of Chiropractic mattresses have re-launched their line with a revolutionary new technology that will mean better sleep for the 45 million Americans who suffer from back and neck pain. As the trailblazer in specific chiropractic mattress design since 1977, Chiromatic has continued to look for revolutionary ways to bring better products to their network of doctors and customers.

“We discovered that mattresses have not really evolved over the past 40 years.” stated Bart Zoni, Managing Partner. “We recognized the need for a sleep line that provides health benefits along with desired comfort and luxury.”

With the newest generation of Chiromatic mattresses using LoomAir 3D technology, Chiromatic has addressed the problems of traditional beds and can better meet the needs of those suffering from back and neck pain. Contrary to traditional beds and memory foams, which create more resistance as one sleeps, LoomAir 3D technology distributes pressure evenly to rid of any unwanted “hot spots” on the body and puts a stop to uneven lumbar support.

“We looked to the aerospace, medical device, and automotive technologies to find our inspiration,” explained Zoni. “By combining unparalleled research with German-engineered dimensional textiles, we have developed a clinical-grade technology and a luxury experience, all in one.”

The 3-dimensional fabrics provide a surface-body interface that is supportive throughout, but soft at the pressure points, adapting to any sleep position. Available in their new Vitality mattress, these 3D “spacer” fabrics have two faces separated by millions of tiny filaments, providing the support of over 3 million fibers to resemble the feeling of floating on air.

Vitality Mattress
Experience the healing power of sleep with Chiromatic’s advanced, proprietary support technology for those with back and neck pain. Comprised of non-toxic materials and compatible with adjustable bases, the exclusive patent pending technology available in this bed delivers:

“We believe a bed should be more than a piece of bedroom furniture – it should be the centerpiece of a healthy lifestyle,” explained Deb Pearce, Partner. “This technology marks a new era at Chiromatic that speaks to who we are as a company and is a direct reflection of the value we deliver to our clients – scientific, luxurious and technologically advanced.”

Taking a new and improved health-first approach, Chiromatic’s revitalized mission has evolved to promote the notion that sleep and health are one in the same. Their new line of mattresses and pillows are proven to improve the quality of sleep and specifically support those that live an active lifestyle. Products are available through a Chiropractor network as well as in their Morristown experience center, set to open this fall.

About Chiromatic

Since 1977, Chiromatic Sleep Systems have been designed with and trusted by Chiropractors and can be an important part of a holistic approach to managing back and neck pain. Approaching sleep with a health-first approach, Chiromatic uses the latest in clinical-grade technology, to innovate the mattress industry with sleep systems that address the needs of millions of consumers that experience back and neck pain – and those that just want the most comfortable night’s sleep.

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