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Care Instructions for My Pillow – Detailed Tips to Keep It Long Lasting

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Congrats on your purchase of a My Pillow pillow. It is important to know the care instructions for My Pillow pillows.

You already know the My Pillow is a great pillow but did you know why?

Here are just a few features and benefits that make the My Pillow so comfortable:

It has a unique design that has a curve feature that gives you an exacting fit.

This allows your neck, head and shoulders to be supported and stable during the duration of your night sleep.

For those of you who might sleep warm or hot, the My Pillow keeps you cool with its high quality products that are sourced 100% from USA only.

care instructions for My Pillow

But enough about the amazing features of this pillow as you’re most likely looking how to take care of it now that you’ve slept with it for many nights.

Here are some very important points to keep in mind when washing and taking care of your My Pillow pillow:

Washing: It’s recommended to wash it every few months so the foam can retain its shape.

Make sure to use cold or cool water and when using a washing machine use the delicate setting.

It’s safe to use any clothing detergent but don’t use any fabric softener as that can ruin the foam

It’s best when using top loading washing machines to wash 2 pillows so it’s balanced.

If washing only one try and place some other clothing item or towel to balance out.

Drying: It’s best to set on high heat and tumble dry

Don’t use any fabric softener, dryer balls or dryer sheets.

That’s it, there you have it. Follow the above and your My Pillow pillow will last you for many many years.

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