Buffy Vs Brooklinen Comforter – We Compare the 2 Down Alternatives

Hi, thank you for taking a look at our video today. We’re going to be comparing Buffy vs Brooklinen comforter. So here at Napping.com, we try to break down all the details to make it easy for you. The customer to decide what’s best in terms of bedding and sleep products. So let’s get into it.

Brooklyn is a Brooklyn based company. They’re more on the luxury end and you might’ve seen their advertisements on social or maybe on your daily commute, but what they offer are two different types of comforters in terms of natural down comforters, which is using down from goose or down alternative comforters, for those who are outage allergenic.

And don’t typically like, the smell of down, I know in the past, when I’ve purchased down comforters, you have that slight goosey smell, which may or may not bode well in terms of you and your partner and your family, but they do have two different alternatives. One is the natural down and the down alternatives because we’re comparing it to Buffy.

We’re going to talk about the down alternatives. For now because it is more of a head to head comparison to Buffy’s comforters, which are also down alternative now at Brooklyn is overall, construction. They do offer a variety of different types of sheets or different types of covers to have their percale and the sateen.

The sateen is what they’re using. On their comforters. So it’s going to give you a little bit heavier weight but it is going to have that smoothie silk feel to it. The only other thing is that it could be a little bit less breathable than anticipated, but it is still a nice touch and feel when you’re sleeping on it.

So when it comes down to Brooklinen’s Comforters. There are definitely a lot of pros number one, it’s cotton. Okay. So it’s soft and it is, I guess it is washable. Now. They don’t say that it’s washable on their care labels. However, they do recommend that you dry, clean them. There are different tutorials online that you could wash dry- clean- only comforters.

buffy vs brooklinen comforter

And you can definitely Google that and take a look at it. Now we’re going to go under Buffy’s in a little bit, in a few minutes. However, when it comes to Brooklyn and overall it’s been, been very. Positively received by its customers. Take it with a grain of salt in terms of their reviews online. But when you go into Amazon and you, and you check it out they have many happy customers overall.

And the overall comfort in terms of warmth is just about right, for it. Now, when we go to Buffy, Buffy is the company that focuses on eco-friendly. Design and materials. This is going to be the down alternative. This is good for those people who live in a very cold environment might be doing even the van life.

If you’re thinking about that. And the reason why I say that is that I came across a review on Reddit. And they’re talking about that. This is a furnace. It is hot, hot, hot. So if you live in a colder environment, this might be good for you in terms of purchasing, because it will retain a lot of heat versus the Brooklinen’s version.

Some reviewers might need an extra comforter or an extra blanket to keep them warm. Overall I would definitely say most probably based on what I’ve seen is that the Brooklinen and this is another review from Tuck. The Brooklinen comforter probably would be more all around in terms of purchase and value.

However, if you do live in a cold environment and you are environmentally friendly in terms of consciousness, then you should definitely check out the Buffy. If you have any other questions, please visit napping.com. We’ll be more than happy to help. Good luck with your purchase. Thanks.


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