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Brooklinen Percale Vs Sateen – We Take a Comprehensive Look at the 2 Types of Sheets

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Hello from We’re going to dive into a discussion of Brooklinen Percale vs Sateen sheets. Now, if you’re in the market to buy home beddings, obviously you want to give the hotel feel at home.

At least that’s what I do. And I try to find sheets. Sleep is so important in today’s culture and environment that you want to make sure you have the best sleep ever. And I always liked to model hotels because obviously they’re in the sleep business and making sure that their accommodations are great.

Now, when it comes down to hotels, a lot of people ask is it Percale or, Sateen what do they use? And this really varies from hotel to the hotel. So some hotels use percale and some use , but either way in today’s video, we’re going to review both and some of the pros and cons for each of them. So right now, when we’re talking about percale sheets.

brooklinen percale vs sateen

The main difference is not the material per se because Percale and Sateen that’s not the material we’re talking about the actual weave of the actual sheets. Percale sheets are one over one under, it’s a very simple weave and this weave allows the material to have a certain quality. Versus that sateen, it’s a little bit more complicated.

Best sheets: Choose the right bed linens for a good night’s sleep

You’re doing one over three under and one over three under. And what that allows is it allows the material to be a little bit thicker, in weight, as well as have that smooth buttery feel to it.

And we’re going to get into it a little bit, later. So when it comes to percale sheets, there are simpler we’ve as I mentioned, but the good thing about having a simpler weave, it actually allows it to be more breathable. And for the feel. It feels like a crisp linen shirt. So if you ever ironed a shirt or a dress shirt, that’s the kind of feel that it has. It’s still soft. But it just has more of a crisp newness to it.

And these are great for, people who are hot sleepers or want a colder sheet. So if you’re in a hotter environment this would make a great pairing for you and your beddings. Another good thing is it’s great for kids because it’s a little bit easier to wash and it’s a little bit softer for the kids. when it comes down to bed linens making sure that things don’t stain, percale would be a better option if you have a family.

Now some of the cons not a huge deal, but they do wrinkle easier. So one tip that I can share with you is that if you’re making the bed, try to take the percale sheets immediately out of the dryer and lay it down flat. So wrinkles don’t appear.

Secondly, it isn’t as warm as a sateen, which we’ll get into. And the great thing about it, that it does get softer as you wash it. Just like when you wash or laundry, your favorite shirt, it will get softer with time. Now the Sateen, as I mentioned, it is a little bit different.

It is a one over three under, and this allows the material to give more of a sheen. In addition to that, it is thicker. So it is better for warmer climates. So one thing to note is that Brooklinen’s Luxe Sateen sheets, they actually use sateen for their duvet covers. And obviously that makes sense, because if you’re having a comforter, you want it to have it warmer.

Again, both of these are great options. I personally like the sateen. It’s a little bit more luxurious feel. It’s a little bit softer and it’s a little bit smoother and I do like that. And it’s also great for people who have dry skin, because it’s a little bit smoother. It doesn’t irritate as much.

Now, if you’re deciding between the two, the good thing about Brooklyn, and they do have a 365 day option in terms of returns or exchanges. The great thing is that you can try both and then return them as you see fit based on what your preferences are.

Okay. That basically wraps up the differences between the Brooklinen’s percale and sateen sheets for today. If you have any questions, feel free to visit We’ll be more than happy to help.


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