BlanQuil Reviews – We Give an Honest Look at the Weighted Blanket

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Looking for BlanQuil Reviews?

In this video, we’ll be taking a closer look at BlanQuil weighted blankets and what people have to say.

But first, what is a weighted blanket and its benefits?

Weighted Blankets work as “Pressure Therapy”, a kind of, if you will, swaddling for adults

We all can relate to a nice hug from a friend or loved in, that is what weighted blankets try to mimic, that calming effect.

Some reported benefits of weighted blankets have been to help with anxiety, depression or PTSD in a drug-free way.

Also helpful for people who are just looking for a better night’s sleep and to start their day happier.

Now let’s take a look at BlanQuil weighted blankets.

What to look for when choosing a BlanQuil?

The typical guideline is 10% of your body weight and BlanQuil comes in a variety of weights ranging from 12 and 20 lbs.

There are different variations of weighted blankets from BlanQuil. All have the mechanics of a weighted blanket but have variations in them depending on your preferences and the type of sleeper you are.

BlanQuil also has other products to browse from such as mattresses and pillows for the full set.

What’s the verdict on BlanQuil weighted blankets?

blanquil reviews

Based on the reviews from Amazon, BlanQuil boasts a 4.2 review score from over 400 ratings. Not the top-ranked review for a weighted blanket but still a solid rating.

Some notable mentions from the reviews state that it is easy to wash and has many colors, weights, and designs to choose from. They also have a 60-night trial so you can try it out without any risk.

Some negatives include some people experiencing an unequal distribution of weight to the full blanket and that it tends to pool to the middle.

Also, it may sleep hot for some though it’s worth noting they do have a ‘cool’ version of their weighted blanket now.

Overall the BlanQuil is a product that has more positive reviews than negative and gets’s stamp of ‘Napproval’.

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