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In this video, we’ll be listing the Best Weighted Blanket for Anxiety

Before we give our top recommendation here are some frequently asked questions we get with weighted blankets for anxiety.

What’s the Science behind weighted blankets?

  • Weighted blankets act as ‘pressure therapy’ to help activate your parasympathetic nervous system which helps to lower heart rate.
  • The lower the heart rate, the more calmness can settle in and anxiety goes away.
  • Weighted blankets in simplest terms mimic a hug and the feeling of being held.
  • Even if we don’t fully understand the science behind it, we all know how a hug can bring over a feeling of calmness and relaxation.

Does it really work for anxiety?

  • Trouble sleeping and anxiety can form a vicious cycle with one in the other perpetuating the situation.
  • It is important to help improve sleep in order to help anxiety and vice versa.
  • Weighted blankets are said to lead to a calmer night’s sleep for people which can ultimately help reduce anxiety.

What is the ideal weight for a weighted blanket?

  • A typical baseline is around 10% of your weight.
  • There are studies that say heavier blankets may even be more optimal in helping with anxiety and trouble sleeping.
  • If you have any special conditions or any concerns, please reach out to a healthcare professional.
  • It also might take a few uses to get used to the mechanics of a weighted blanket.

And now, our Top Recommended Weighted Blanket for Anxiety

The Luna Cotton Weighted Blanket

  • We like this blanket for its combination of quality and value
  • Search the web and you will see rave reviews of this blanket, including 4 1/2 stars from over 12,000 reviews on Amazon
  • There are many different weights and designs to choose from
Best Weight for a Weighted Blanket

A runner-up to mention is Gravity’s Weighted Blanket

  • They have done their own scientific studies to back-up their blanket
  • Gravity was one of the original weighted blanket companies and they continue to provide a solid and reputable product today.
Best Weighted Blanket for Anxiety

To learn more about these weighted blankets and how they can help with anxiety please see the links in the description or visit

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