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Best Weight for a Weighted Blanket – the 10% Rule

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Welcome from the sleep experts here at Today, we’re going to be discussing the best weight for a weighted blanket. We’re going to look at three Reddit threads that we scoured and felt had a lot of good information, some nuggets as you’re trying to figure out the best weight for a weighted blanket.

We search Reddit so you don’t have to and you can go ahead and find the best weighted blanket for you today!

The first thread here, we have someone who was asking how heavy should they go? And they have no clue what weight to get. So I think it’s a great starting point from here. One takeaway is that in addition to the weight, make sure you pick your texture carefully as well.

Not only will you be looking for the weight you want to select, but you still also want to make sure that you have the right texture that’s comfortable for you. But the main takeaway as well for the weight is the 10% body weight rule. That’s the one thing being thrown around most in the comments here.

And that would be no more than 10% of your body weight, especially if you’re buying it for your kid or a toddler.

Moving on to the next thread. This is a rather short conversation but a very important thread, because it does actually share a weighted blanket calculator. If you really kind of wants to plug in the numbers and figure out what the best blanket weight would be for you, you can go ahead here and click the link and just simply enter your weight and it then outputs what you should be getting for your specific weight.

The last link is if you really want to go a little more in depth. It actually talks about a possibilty of you wanting to go a bit heavier than the 10% that’s usually recommended. They actually cite two papers that studied the safety and therapeutic effects of a weighted blanket along with the various weights being tested.

Studies are saying that optimal weight might be higher than the standard 10% based on these two studies. The comments here in the thread don’t provide much value, but it’s really in the original posters post here. If you want a little more information this is really, if you want to get further into the discussion and leave no stone unturned without using the 10% rule read this thread.

In summary, 10% does seem to be the standard. You can use a calculator as provided in the second thread. And then if you want to kind of dive into more of the studies, you’ll have a good start here. We’ll share all the links in the description.

If you want to read a little bit more about them, or you can also go to, learn more about weighted blankets in some brands that we recommend along with some additional articles and latest news of today.

Best Weight for a Weighted Blanket

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