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Best Price for Weighted Blankets – How to Score the Best Price and Choose the Best Value

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Welcome from the Experts at Napping.com!

In this article, we’ll be discussing the best price for weighted blankets and which weighted blanket gives the best value and bang for your buck with all things considered. 

Before we list our top weighted blanket for the value as well as places to get the best prices for weighted blankets, let’s discuss what to look for in a weighted blanket when value shopping.

What to look for in a weighted blanket when value shopping:

  1. Versatility

You’ll want to choose a weighted blanket you can use all year round which means if you sleep hot or live in a hot climate area, you may want to look into a cooling weighted blanket. Or if you are more favorable to snuggling up with your warmest blanket, you may want to ignore any cooling weighted blanket.

The idea is to make sure to choose a blanket that is most comfortable for you not just for now, but for tomorrow and the next day.

  1. Durability

Make sure to select a blanket that is made with materials such as organic materials and high quality fabric. The idea is you want this blanket to last a long time to get the most value out of it. Along those lines, make sure to care for your blanket properly so you can put a lot of mileage in it for years to come.

  1. Washable/Removable Cover

In terms of taking care of your blanket and keeping it’s longevity, it is best to look for covers that are removable and washable. 

Being able to wash the cover easily or eventually replace it will definitely extend the value of your blanket.

  1. Brand Reputation 

With so many in the weighted blanket space, it’s important to choose a weighted blanket company that has dedicated their R&D to a proper weighted blanket. Yes, you may end up paying a little more with these companies however, in the long run these may be the blankets that hold up the longest.

There are many areas to find reviews of a particular company and it would be quick and easy to make sure the reviews are great and positive overall.

  1. Price

Of course what it comes down to is trying to find the best weighted blanket for your budget. As mentioned it is important to consider price, but also consider it in the long run. If one looks to be of high quality and long lasting, that one weighted blanket although more expensive than another, could in fact end up saving you more money instead of having to buy another blanket later on due to trying to save money on a cheaper lower quality blanket.

We’ll also talk about sales and places to try and find the best priced weighted blanket for the one you have your eyes set on.

With that said, here is our top selections for the best weighted blankets for the money:

  1. Sweet Zzz Organic Weighted Blanket – $79-$139

We like Sweet Zzz’s Weighted Blanket as it has a cover made from a blend of organic cotton and rayon from bamboo. What this means is it should be good year round for those who want to make sure they don’t overheat using this blanket. Also the fact that they are using quality materials, this blanket should last for a very long time with proper care. 

For the price, it is competitive and also has a sleep trial and five-year warrant for further peace of mind.

  1. YnM Weighted Blanket – $39-$159

YnM is one of those most popular weighted blanket companies on amazon with a great overall rating. Their pricing is very reasonable and is a great entry point for those who want a weighted blanket and to experience the benefits of, but are on a budget. 

It still is made with great quality and filled with glass beads and not poly pellets. Their duvet covers are washable which will help to keep it clean and fresh and extend its durability and longevity. 

  1. Baloo Weighted Blanket – $169-$200

Baloo is made with premium materials and breathable cotton you’ll find in more expensive weighted blankets. They use lead-free glass microbeads and it meets OEKO-TEX 100 Standard certification. This blanket can also be washed and machine dried. 

When shopping for a weighted blanket, be sure to look for any specials or coupons on the company website as many offer some sort of discount even if it is just 5-10%. Some of these companies also have their own sale section for weighted blankets which might help you score an even better deal.

Best Price for Weighted Blankets

We hope this was a helpful article in finding the best weighted blanket for the money.

To learn more about these weighted blankets and more please visit our resources section.


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