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essential oils to stop snoringessential oils to stop snoringSeeking essential oil home remedies for many common conditions has become increasingly popular.

One of these common ailments is snoring – whether it’s your own, your partner’s, or that of a friend. Of the least intrusive ways that you can stop snoring naturally is by using the best essential oils for snoring.

Snoring is a severe irritant to one of the partners when trying to go to sleep. It is not the most sexy topic to think about, but it happens none the less. Luckily, there are several great essential oils to use to help stop snoring. Read on to learn how you can start treating snoring at home.

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Can Essential Oils Stop Snoring?

Research suggests that yes, essential oils can help with people suffering from snoring. This study recorded and tested snoring, and the relief thereof, after using essential oils before bed time.

essential oils snoring

essential oils snoring

Use essential oils to stop your snoring nightmares.

In this study, both the snoring patients and their partners were quizzed before and after the application of essential oils. An astonishing 82% of patients’ partners reported a reduction in snoring when using essential oils. The partner is most suited for reporting in this study as they would be the ones noticing a change in snoring behaviors. The partners are also the ones most likely to be affected by insomnia while their significant other peacefully dozes away in dream land.

Best Essential Oils for Snoring

Essential oils that have a reputation for helping snoring are: thyme, peppermint, lemon, clove, pine, fennel, sage, citronella, eucalyptus, lavender, marjoram and valor. Some of these we will look at in more depth in this article. Here is some insight on the best essential oils to use for snoring relief:

1. Thyme Essential Oil

organic thyme essential oil for snoring

organic thyme essential oil for snoring

Thyme oil can help with snoring.
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The best essential oil for snoring relief is thyme essential oil. It supports respiratory wellness, the immune system, muscular health and joints. It can also be used in cleaning because of its purifying qualities.

To use thyme for snoring relief, mix it with a carrier oil first. This is important as undiluted thyme will irritate the skin. Apply your blend at the bottoms of your big toes each night. Traditional reflexology charts describe these spots as the reflex for the neck area. A well thought-out foot massage is a great way to use thyme essential oil to help with snoring.

You can also diffuse thyme into the air using your essential oil diffuser. Start your diffuser about half an hour before planning to go to bed. This ensures a bedroom filled with thyme aroma for easiest breathing as soon as you are ready to go to sleep.

If the scent of pure thyme oil is a bit too strong for you, you can also find thyme in some common essential oil blends that target the airways and breathing. Try Breathe Easier (Eden’s Garden)Breathe (doTerra), or R.C (Young Living) $18.00.

Avoid thyme oil during pregnancy and keep out of your nose, ears or eyes. Talk to your doctor if you have high blood pressure.

2. Marjoram Essential Oil

marjoram essential oil snoring

marjoram essential oil snoring

Stop snoring with marjoram essential oil.
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Another reportedly powerful essential oil to help with snoring is marjoram essential oil. Smelling marjoram oil before and while sleeping helps open up the airway passages. To that effect, it helps you not to snore.

Once the effect of marjoram essential oil kicks in and your body reacts to it, you don’t need it any more. This means that if you’re running marjoram in your diffuser blend, it’s ok to have your diffuser on the 2-hour shut-off setting. Don’t feel like you need the unit running all night to get snoring relief from marjoram essential oil.

The effectiveness of marjoram as a snoring remedy depends from person to person. Each individual reacts differently to any particular oil. There have been quite a few cases where snoring sufferers have reported their snoring stopped on the first night of using marjoram oil. Other snorers had to take it for 6 weeks to stop snoring. These reports just show that each person is different. Please don’t give up too quickly!

Avoid marjoram oil during pregnancy.

3. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

eucalyptus essential oil for snoring

eucalyptus essential oil for snoring

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Eucalyptus is a herbal decongestant that helps to open your air passages. It has anti-inflammatory properties. Apart from help for snoring, eucalyptus is also a home remedy for the common cold and can help minimize flu symptoms. This is for the same reasons: because it opens up your nasal passages for better breathing.

It can also help with clearing of mucus in your nose, further opening up your ability to breathe more freely.

Eucalyptus essential oil is best taken via steam inhalation. It really works wonders and smells amazing!

Prepare a medium-sized bowl of steaming hot water and add a 3-5 drops of eucalyptus oil into it. Place a clean, dry towel over your head, lean your head and nose closely over the bowl, and breathe deeply. Try to stay in this steam inhalation treatment for at least 4-6 minutes. It is completely safe for both adults and children age 2+ alike.

Please always remember to test your choice of essential oil brand carefully and make sure you can use it as it was intended.

4. Valor Essential Oil

valor essential oil snoring

valor essential oil snoring

Young Living Valor Essential Oil Blend
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The valor essential oil blend by Young Living is an empowering combination of oils that helps the body correct its balance and alignment.

It is a blend of rosewood, blue tansy, spruce and frankincense. In the scientific study discussed earlier¹, Spruce was identified as one of the essential oils that significantly helped reduce snoring symptoms in patients. The study concludes that snoring and the relief thereof was not a mere placebo effect. You can find a link to this study in full under “Further Resources” at the bottom of this page.

The Valor blend will be a slightly pricier option for a snoring relief home remedy. But it is a very balanced smell and comforting aroma that might be worth the investment if you or your partner are acute snoring sufferers.

Use valor essential oil blended with a carrier oil and rub it onto the bottoms of your big toes before going to sleep. If you add valor to your oil diffuser at night, many people have had success with stopping the snoring with essential oils.

Less expensive alternatives for the Valor Blend

If you find the Young Living Valor blend too pricey, you can try the following 3 alternatives to Valor. They are not EXACTLY the valor blend, but pretty close.

5. Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oil 10ml Bottle from Plant Therapy Organic Lemon Essential Oil from Plant Therapy
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The powers of lemon oil don’t stop at cleaning or uplifting the moods. As another anti-inflammatory powerhouse, lemon essential oil can soothe a sore throat and help you breathe easier. The trick to stopping snoring is to try and find ways to make your breathing less difficult.

Lemon is part of just about every essential oil starter kit and a very popular scent. It’s highly unlikely that you, your partner or your kids are going to complain about it. Be sure to use your bottle of lemon oil up quickly though as it only has a shelf life of about 1 year.

6. Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint essential oil has purifying properties that make it easier to breathe. Additionally, peppermint can help relieve head and neck tension. You may be sleeping in uncomfortable positions, or experience restlessness due to insomnia or sleep apnea.

Peppermint is also a great support for seasonal flu symptoms, cough & cold, or immunity boosting.

The easiest way to apply peppermint essential oil for snoring is to use it in a roll-on bottle and apply it to your neck before sleep. You can make your own rollers with an inexpensive carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil, or get a ready-made one here.

What Essential Oils Might Help Stop Snoring?

If you’re in search of a husband stopped snoring remedy, essential oils might be the solution. Oils like eucalyptus, peppermint, and lavender are known for their soothing and calming effects, which can help promote better sleep and reduce snoring. Give these oils a try for a peaceful night’s rest.

How to Use Your Oils

best essential oils snoring

best essential oils snoring

The best essential oils for snoring include thyme, marjoram, and the valor blend.

Essential oils are a great way to naturally treat snoring and help you stop snoring altogether. And there are many ways to use your oils.

With any of the oils discussed here, you can either:

Blends for Easier Breathing

Some of the essential oils best for snoring smell quite strongly on their own. This is why many essential oil companies also have “Breathe Easy” types of blends. These blends have many of the oils mentioned above in them. Yet, they are professionally combined into a nice, well-rounded blend.

Are you currently using essential oils to help stop snoring? Please share with us in the comments below what’s working for you!

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