Best CPAP Machine Cleaner – What You Need to Know

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Keeping your CPAP machine clean is critical in ensuring better health and better sleep. It’s also where bacteria and mold can start to grow if not properly cleaned. There are two main ways of cleaning your CPAP machine.

The mechanical way and a method using UV Light or Ozone to kill any mold or bacteria.

However, try to avoid ozone as it may void a warranty on some manufacturer like ResMed.

The best way to clean your CPAP mask is the one that works best for your lifestyle. Because a clean machine will ensure you are not breathing in any hazards.

There are also CPAP mask cleaning solutions that can help disinfect your mask and equipment which you can spray directly on the mask. This way you can both clean and disinfect the mask and hose at the same time.

How Often Should You Clean?

Many sleep professionals recommend that you keep your machine clean by cleaning every morning. However if you are pressed for time, at least aim to clean weekly.

Signs you will need to clean your machine:

If you smell any odor or see any buildup in your mask or hose. You should plan to clean your machine. Keep a watchful eye on your machine mold or buildup can occur.

How to Clean a CPAP Machine

The simplest way to clean your machine, mask and hose is to unplug the machine and disassemble the water chamber, hose and mask.

Using mild soap and water, clean each of the items by hand and ensure you rinse any residue thoroughly.

Lay the equipment on towel to dry completely so it is ready to use at night.

You can also use vinegar to address any mold as vinegar kills 82% of the mold species. However, be sure that the equipment is completely dry before using.

Things to Avoid:

  • Never use bleach or harsh chemicals to clean.
  • Do not leave in direct sunlight to dry.
  • Do not wash in dishwasher

Top CPAP Cleaner to Supplement Mechanical Cleaning:

Lumin: 3B Lumin CPAP Cleaner

The Lumin CPAP UV Sanitizer is one of the the fastest and easiest way to clean and disinfect your CPAP mask, reservoir and other accessories without water, chemicals or harmful ozone.

The device uses UV light to destroy the DNA of potentially harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold—and it does so without releasing any chemicals into the air.

It only takes 5 minutes for the cleaning cycle to be completed and users are able to use their CPAP immediately. It can also be used for other items like toothbrushes and to disinfect items that fit inside.

SoClean 2 Sanitizer

The SoClean CPAP cleaner uses ozone to kill bacteria and viruses that grow on your CPAP mask. It works by breaking down all the germs and bacteria that accumulates in the hose and mask.

IMPORTANT! However, if you own a ResMed product we do not advise to use ozone as it can degrade the materials.

Ozone works relatively quickly at 10 minutes but you will need to have the ozone dissipate before you use it as it can irritate nasal passages and lungs.

We hope you enjoyed our video on the Best CPAP Cleaning Machine and if you follow these steps, you will ensure the best performance from your machine.

The Lumin CPAP cleaner is safe for all manufacturers so our team is recommending it.


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