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Best CPAP Cleaning Machine

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A CPAP Machine is typically used every day for those suffering from sleep apnea.

So it’s likely that it can easily become a collector of germs, bacteria, viruses and mold.

And those are definitely some nasty things you must keep far away from your body.

Since a CPAP Machine likely has a humidifier, although mini and travel ones likely won’t due to their size, moisture will build up in the tubing and mask.

This can cause dangerous fungi and mold to to develop.

So to maintain the effectiveness and hygiene of your CPAP Machine you’ll likely want to invest in the best CPAP cleaning machine.

Keep in mind if you opt not to use a professional cleaning machine, you might think your CPAP machine looks clean, but yet will have invisible harmful contaminants mentioned previously.

Also cleaning your machine will take time but will a cleaning machine it can definitely make the routine much faster, easier and more effective.

So you must be wondering how it works and how it cleans.

There are different types of cleaners on the market and some use activated oxygen and others use UV (ultra-violet) light.

For the cleaners that use activated oxygen they have a generator to break down oxygen and recreate by combining with another O atom which in turn creates O3.

O3 is what is called activated oxygen, and when the third added is combined, it creates an oxidant.

It’s this oxidant that can cause any substance to lose electrons, which is what kills germs, bacteria and viruses.

UV based cleaners use this light to destroy the molecular makeup of the DNA of these microorganisms such as germs, bacteria and viruses.

So what are the best CPAP Machine cleaners for each type?

The best activated oxygen cleaner we’ve found during our research is the SoClean 2 brand and model.

It can kill germs, bacteria and any other pathogens in your machine the need for water or disassembling your unit.

Other benefits of purchasing this machine are:

It’s convenient to use as no chemicals or water is required.

The activated oxygen only requires minutes or less to kill germs and other pathogens.

Cleaning cycle lasts for 2 hours.

If purchased directly from the company they offer payment plans.

Comes with a 30 Day risk-free guarantee.

And for the best cpap cleaning machine that uses UV Light, that would be the Lumin CPAP cleaner.

Some features of this machine are:

Does not require any usage of harmful chemicals.

Quick and easy to use and will kill pathogens in just 5 minutes.

It can kill 99% of bacteria and can also be used for other personal items such as: hearing aids, dentures, and toothbrushes.


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