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Best Cooling Weighted Blanket for Summer 2021 – We Give Our Top Recommendations

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Summer is fast approaching and for those who tend to be hot sleepers you’ll want to make sure you stay cool at night with the best weighted blanket for the summer.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the best cooling weighted blanket for summer.

What things to look for when choosing a cooling weighted blanket?

When starting to look at a cooling weighted blanket, or even just a weighted blanket at that, be sure to keep in mind the 10% rule. 

The general rule of thumb is to select a weighted blanket weight that is about 10% of your body weight.

This should give you the optimal benefits of a weighted blanket and give you the best opportunity in staying cool.

Once you’ve determined the proper weight for your blanket for you, it’s best to know some of the materials to look out for that are best to keep you cool especially if you are a hot sleeper.

What are some of the best materials to look for?

Cooling and breathable fabrics such as bamboo, cotton, eucalyptus fiber, tencel and some polyester are the ones to seek out.

These fabrics are naturally breathable and are moisture wicking. 

You will also want to consider organic fabrics such as organic cotton as it is naturally breathable and doesn’t feel warm against the skin.

For the filling, find a weighted blanket that contains glass beads and not polybeads as glass beads don’t retain heat the way polybeads do.

Other things to consider are weighted blankets that have removable covers which allows you to change the cover for different seasons and also allows it to be cleaned after many uses to be as fresh as possible.

Alternatively there are double sided weight blankets that have one side that is usually warm and cozy and the other a cooler touch to the skin.

And importantly, find a weighted blanket that has no weight bunching and is evenly distributed.

And now, here is’s Top Selections for Best Cooling Weighted Blanket for Summer:

  1. Gravity Cooling Blanket
best cooling weighted blanket for 

Some may say that Gravity was one the one that put weighted blankets mainstream. Since then they have continued to be a trailblazer in the industry and added a cooling weighted blanket to their product line.

The blanket includes moisture-wicking fabric and uses glass beads to stay as cool as possible. The blanket has grid-style stitching to keep everything evenly distributed and the cover is also removable for easy washing.

This blanket was made to keep you cool at night.

  1. Bearaby Cotton Napper

This blanket uses Tencel lyocell fiber which offers cool moisture wicking fabric for no night sweats. The Tencel fabric in this knitted weighted blanket is made with wood pulp that comes from eucalyptus trees, making it feel super breathable. 

It also has a unique open-loop design for extra breathability.

It is sustainably made from biodegradable materials. 

This blanket not only stays cool but also looks cool.

  1. Luna Cooling Weighted Blanket

With a strong reputation on Amazon of over 10,000 customers with a 4.6 rating, this blanket is one of the selling cool weighted blankets. 

It is made of organic cotton and is designed for equal distribution of it’s glass beads in mind.

Another great factor of this product is the variety of customization options with over 20 colors and patterns to choose from as well as weights ranging from 5 to 30lbs.

To learn more about these weighted blankets and more please visit our resources section.


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