Apria CPAP – We Reveal Pros and Cons on What You Need to Know

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In this video, we’ll be covering what you need to know about Apria CPAP machines.

Who is Apria?

Apria is a home healthcare equipment provider for in-home care and delivery of respiratory therapy, sleep apnea treatment among other types of equipment and services.

They are the first home respiratory provider to becoming accredited Home Medical Equipment and Clinical Respiratory Services by the Joint Commission.

They are contracted by many insurance companies and managed care organizations to provide CPAP machines and other related equipment. 

They are also a Medicare contract provider for these types of equipment as well.

Options with Apria

apria cpap

If you are looking to get your CPAP machine through your insurance company, Apria is one of the companies that will fulfill that request for that equipment.

Apria is known as a DME vendor and you’ll have to determine if they are ‘in-network’ for your insurance policy. 

There is usually a ‘rent to own’ program in which you pay a monthly fee until you have paid off the machinery. Depending on your insurance, you may be responsible for none or some of the CPAP equipment.

Apria also has a website, ApriaDirect.com, that is a retail website and does not accept health insurance plans. It is a cash-only online retailer. 

Keep that in mind as it might be a bit confusing if you are looking to go through your insurance provider. They provide a number to call though for those looking to purchase a CPAP with insurance, (888) 492-7742.

Experiences with Apria

Experiences with Apria are a mixed bag. If you do a quick search around the web, you’ll find many different experiences and reviews of this company.

There are some who say their customer support is great and they have had no issues since going through them.

But you’ll also get reviews that talk about poor customer support and issues such as confusion on how much they own to Apria or wrong equipment being sent seems to be almost a common theme.

If you are going through your insurance you may not have an option on who to choose to get your CPAP machine from, though it might be worth noting that there are many people who:

1) determined that it might have ended up cheaper not going through their insurance and buying it direct to a retailer

2) found that working with Apria too much of a hassle and decided to buy their own supplies and equipment out of pocket.

Something to keep in mind, just to consider all options before you decide where to buy your CPAP machine and equipment.

Alternatives to Apria

If you are curious on purchasing CPAP equipment out of pocket, there are many online retailers who provide comparable prices and have known to have great customer support.

We’ll list a few in the description below so you can do your own research of these companies.

We hope this helps answer any questions you may have related to Apria and CPAP equipment.

Please visit other posts here at Napping.com for the latest trends and technology related to sleep apnea and CPAP machines.

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