Apria CPAP Supplies – What You Should Know About This DME Vendor

In a previous video, we covered APRIA CPAP-related questions, such as Who is Apria, your Options with Apria, and people’s experiences with Apria. We’ll leave a link to that video if you’d like to learn more about that.

In this video, we’ll be covering how to order Apria CPAP Supplies and questions related to that topic.

Who uses Apria?

Apria is a home healthcare equipment provider for in-home care and delivery of respiratory therapy, sleep apnea treatment among other types of equipment and services.

Apria is one of the nation’s leading home respiratory service providers of medical equipment such as CPAP machines for a sleep apnea diagnosis.

They are known as a DME (Durable Medical Equipment) vendor and work with most insurance companies in providing CPAP machine equipment to you when you are diagnosed with sleep apnea and prescribed a CPAP machine.

In order to be diagnosed with sleep apnea, one must take a sleep test either at a center or at home. Once diagnosed, the patient will then be prescribed a CPAP treatment as a therapy for their sleep apnea.

This is where Apria comes into the picture as they may be one of the providers through your insurance that supplies the CPAP equipment.

They are contracted by many insurance companies and managed care organizations to provide CPAP machines and other related equipment.

My insurance lists Apria as a DME vendor, how do I order?

If you are looking to get your CPAP machine through your insurance company, Apria is one of the companies that will fulfill that request for that equipment.

Apria is known as a DME vendor and you’ll have to determine if they are ‘in-network’ for your insurance policy.

Apria has many ways to order supplies.

You can reach them by phone: 800-436-5657

Or use their website at https://apria.com/papresupply, there is also a live chat feature you can take advantage of as well on their site.

They also have a Continuous Sleep Resupply Program that one can enroll in to make resupply easy and hassle free. For more information, you can reach a sleep expert at 877-265-2426

On their website, they also have a sleep supply and replacement frequency guide as well as a branch locator if you’d like to purchase your supplies locally.

I have to pay out of pocket, can I still order with Apria?

Apria has a website, ApriaDirect.com, that is a retail website and does not accept health insurance plans. It is a cash-only online retailer.

Are there any reviews of Apria?

Reviews of Apria customer support seem to be mixed. There are those who state they’ve had nothing but pleasant experiences but there are others out there who say their patience has been tested.

Be sure to do a comparison of other provides and websites before using Apria to make sure you’re getting the best value for your CPAP machine and that you are okay with the service of whoever you decide to choose in the end.

There are Pros and Cons to going through Apria and we hope this helps answer any questions you may have related to Apria CPAP supplies.

Please visit our resources page here on Napping.com for the latest trends and technology related to sleep apnea and CPAP machines.

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