alternatives to cpap machine

Alternatives to CPAP Machine

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For many people being a chronic snorer or per the medical term of having sleep apnea, sleeping restfully can be especially challenging.

One device that has been proven to help snorers get better quality sleep is the continuous positive airway pressure or CPAP device.

The only thing is, it’s not suitable for everyone.

The problem is that these CPAP machines require the user to wear the mask over their nose and mouth and can be uncomfortable and annoying.

Fortunately, there are other possible alternatives to a CPAP machine, such as:

Oral Appliances.

These are devices such as mouthguards that are provided by dental professionals.

They can help keep the tongue in place, while easing the jaw to a forward position.

This helps to keep the air flow open and free so snoring is minimized.

Oral Surgery is another alternative to CPAP Machines.

Typically in cases where sleep apnea is caused by genetics, for example, people born with larger than normal tonsils or tissue that partially blocks the throat.

These issues will make it difficult for that person to breathe while sleeping.

And oral surgery will likely be a suitable option for these people as surgeons can make the permanent fixes to their situation and alleviate their breathing issues.

Another alternative to wearing a CPAP machine would be losing weight.

That’s because a major risk factor for experiencing sleep apnea is obesity.

There have been several studies that prove losing 10% of one’s body weight can help reduce the symptoms of sleep apnea.

And in some fortunate cases, losing even more weight can cure the condition completely!

And finally there’s Positional Therapy as an alternative treatment for sleep apnea compared with a CPAP machine.

The way it works is, you simply just need to change the position of your sleep, to sleep on your side.

So simply changing from sleeping on your back, as sleeping on your back will more likely lead to snoring to sleeping on your side or stomach can help alleviate sleep apnea issues.


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