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3 Reasons to Power Nap and Not Feel Guilty It

Some may say that taking a nap isn’t productive, especially in the middle of the day. Others feel it’s a waste of time when we have such busy work schedules. However, as research and studies continue to pour in on this topic giving more reasons to power nap. We’re quickly learning that taking a nap has quite a bit more benefits than we think.

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Here are’s Top 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About that Power Nap

  1. Greater mental focus and alertness. Power naps are literally just that. They give you the power to have better mental focus and alertness. A quick power nap might be the answer to a tough situation or question you are pondering. A higher mental focus brings greater performance and productivity.
  1. Boosting immune system and physical stamina. Especially if you aren’t getting a full night’s rest at night, a power nap can help boost your immune system as well as your physical stamina. Stay healthier and more active by taking daily power naps.
  1. Enhanced mood. Naps have been shown to increase contentedness. And to test that, think back on your last nap, didn’t you feel better and refreshed afterward? Feeling a bit down, sleep it over and come back to it recharged ready to face the day.

Here are a few additional tips when you’re finally ready to take that nap:

  • Determine how much time you have for a nap and what duration makes you feel most refreshed. Some take naps as minimal as 5 minutes, while others carve out at least 45 minutes for a power nap.
  • If you are taking a power nap, you don’t want to fully knock out and miss any important deadlines or a good chunk of your day, so make sure you set that alarm.
  • Try to be consistent with your napping schedule and fit it into your daily routine for most optimal benefits. Any power nap is better than no nap at all, so if you can’t nap every day, don’t be so hard on yourself.

Napping costs nothing, feels good, and benefits your mind and body in so many ways. All you have to do is make time for it and know that it is to your benefit. No need to feel guilty when you feel like shutting the eyes for a few minutes a day.


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