11 Best Weighted Blankets 2021

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Weighted blankets have been proven to help with anxiety and prolong sleep times, allowing you to get a better night’s sleep (which can be especially hard to come by right now). And while we’ve covered lots of linens to help you rest easier — including the best duvet covers and sheets — here, we’ve rounded up the best weighted blankets, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon, for both adults and kids.

One note about the weight: The blanket should feel comfortable and snug, not suffocating. So it’s recommended to choose a weighted blanket that’s around 7 to 12 percent of your body weight. For example, a 120-pound woman could use any blanket between 8 and 14 pounds. However, in the interest of making comparison shopping a bit easier, we’ve listed the price for the 15-pound version of each blanket below (unless otherwise listed). Another tip: If you sleep hot, check out our cooling options. Otherwise, almost all of these options will be on the warm side.


Those familiar with the Strategist have seen this YnM blanket on the site before. It’s been recommended to us by sleep experts and Strategist writers, and even our readers have bought it in droves. It appears that it’s just as popular among Amazon reviewers, too, over 19,000 of whom give this cooling, weighted blanket from YnM a five-star review. “I haven’t slept through the night for almost six years,” begins one customer who tried everything to address her insomnia, anxiety, and restless-leg syndrome, but was “shocked that a weighted blanket worked so magically! It is an instant fix.” Another reviewer who struggles with some of these same conditions says that she’s had “the soundest and best sleep I have ever had in my life” while using the blanket. “It is so hard to describe the feeling of peace and comfort the minute you lay it on your body.” In fact, several hundred reviewers say that it’s lessened their insomnia, and another 600 describe it as anxiety-reducing. One customer was prescribed Valium for COVID-induced insomnia but says that “this appears to be a much better and natural way to get proper sleep and wake up truly rested.” Another reviewer actually says it’s akin to “if Valium was a blanket,” and has even been wearing the blanket “all day as a cape to mitigate work anxiety. So soothed.”


“Don’t let the cheaper price fool you — it’s still very high quality and works well,” writes one reviewer, and the other 1,800-plus five-star reviewers would agree. “I’m in love with this one and can’t sleep without it anymore,” one says, and another writes, “Since this blanket, my sleep patterns show a much more restful sleep, and I’m waking up feeling refreshed and in little to know pain in my legs.” One user notes that, “Each quilted square is well sewn and evenly weighted so when the blanket slides off or is held up, the general weight is still evenly distributed all the way through.” And another appreciates that you can’t feel the individual glass beads. Instead, “It feels fluid, draping itself around you like a great hug, not too light, not too strong.” One feature where this blanket falls short is the lack of a removable, washable cover, which means it’s hard to clean, but many say the comfort is worth it: “WOW, I can’t remember the last time I had a deep sleep without tossing or turning.”


This weighted blanket claims to work for all seasons, but reviewers say this keeps them pretty cool. “It has been super hot this summer and I have been fine under the blanket,” one says. “This is not an insulating blanket so you can layer up on cold nights or sleep comfortably underneath on hot summer nights.” Another says “I was really worried about getting hot and feeling constrained but the material is so cooling and breathable.” It’s also effective at helping reviewers drift off to sleep. “I used to suffer from severe insomnia, lying awake nearly all night until 4 a.m. or later,” writes one owner. “Since I’ve had this blanket I’ve not had a problem for even a single night. The pressure keeps my body still when I’m restless and soothes any sort of anxiety I feel when I’m trying to go to bed.” Another writes, “I can’t remember having a longer series of restful nights of sleep than I have had since my purchase.” Others love how “it feels like you have an extra five blankets on the bed without being warmer in any way.” Finally, a reviewer who “accidentally slept 12 hours the first night” raves “THIS IS A GAME CHANGER.”

[Editor’s note: This weighted blanket will be back in stock on December 31, 2020.]


“I have wanted and needed a weighted blanket for years. I had two reservations: I’m hot natured and I didn’t want to spend a whole lot on a blanket,” begins one customer, summing up many reviewers’ initial hesitations about weighted blankets — but then they found this affordable and cooling pick from AN Home. “I sleep very well under this blanket, it is well made, sturdy, and cooling,” they conclude. Another reviewer bought the 15-pound blanket for their son, who sleeps hot, so it “means a lot that this blanket provides all that weight without making him sweaty and hot at night.” In addition to being cooling, dozens of customers say that it helps them sleep better, including one hot sleeper who is using it post-surgery: “I was happily surprised that it is not hot at all. I was also surprised that the weight didn’t bother me anywhere. I can’t get comfortable without it now.” Many others say it’s become an integral part of their nighttime routine, and a couple even found that it helps reduce pandemic-induced stress: “My sleep has been spotty ever since the pandemic started with all the uncertainty. But the first night I used this blanket I slept the whole night through. I hardly wake up at 2 or 3 a.m. anymore.”


Reviewers think the all-cotton material of Bare Home’s weighted blanket adds to the levels of comfort. One even says it “feels like a hug” when wrapped around you. Another bought it for her daughter and appreciates that it’s made from “high quality, nontoxic, comfortable cotton.” Her daughter loved it so much that she bought herself the adult version. And nearly 100 more reviewers use the word comfortable to describe this weighted blanket. One customer owned another weighted blanket before, but it was “almost crunchy” sounding, when she moved under it in her sleep, which didn’t help her sleep better. She thinks this one is much more comfortable. Plus, she says this cotton material “breathes better” but is “still warm at night.”

[Editor’s note: Although this weighted blanket is in stock, it will arrive after Christmas.]


More than a third of reviewers describe this weighted blanket as soft because of the plush cover, and according to one, “Best part of the cover, it came on the blanket and I didn’t have to fight to put it on myself. It is so soft and plushy.” The fact that it’s removable means it’s easy to wash. But even without the velour cover, the blanket is comfortable, and many comment on how evenly distributed the beads are. “The sewing in the pockets keeps the beads evenly dispersed through out the blanket and it’s the softest one yet,” one writes. And whether you are looking to get a solid night’s sleep or need to feel like you’re getting a big hug, this blanket can do it all. One user, who counts backward from 100 to fall asleep, says that while wrapped up in this blanket “I don’t think I’ve ever made it past 70.”

[Editor’s note: Although this blanket is in stock, it will arrive after Christmas.]


While some weighted blankets are filled with plastic beads, this blanket uses glass beads, which reviewers say make the weight feel more uniformly distributed and help to cool it down. “It doesn’t clump in sections and seems to breathe, so as not to hold in heat like the others,” says one customer who has been dissatisfied with other weighted blankets but describes this one as “high quality and worth the price.” Another agrees that the glass beads make it very breathable, so much so that he had “the best sleep ever under the blanket. It was like heaven hugged me all night.” Dozens of other customers compare this blanket to heaven or magic, and one even says it feels like “being back in the womb and hugged to sleep. It is physically comfortable and emotionally supportive. This has raised the bar on how I prefer to relax and may have ruined sleeping in someone else’s bed for me permanently.”

[Editor’s note: Although this blanket is in stock, it will arrive after Christmas.]


Over 500 customers say that this blanket’s two covers — one plush, and one cooling — set it apart from other weighted blankets on the market and make it especially versatile. One customer, who has been using this blanket for a couple of years, is “really enjoying the plush and very soft cover. When it heats up, it will be great to use the cooling cover.” And no matter which cover you choose to use, both are easy to slip on and off the blanket when you need to swap. “Both have a huge zipper on the side for ease of getting the quilt in and out for washing, and ties inside to anchor the quilt inside so it doesn’t slide around when sleeping, says one customer. Another reviewer, who is both “picky on cleanliness” and has trouble sleeping, appreciates that the dual covers make “the blanket easy to change and wash,” adding that the blanket has also improved their quality of sleep: “No more waking up or tossing around during night time.”


This weighted blanket is up to 86 inches wide and 92 inches long, which means that it’s big enough for two people sharing a queen- or king-size bed. One reviewer wanted a blanket for her and her husband, and she loves that the extra “weight hanging off the edge of the bed actually holds the blanket in place.” It’s even “great for a tall man like my husband.” And even though two people might be sharing this blanket, both can sleep more comfortably. One self-described anxious insomniac says that with this blanket, they “woke up once and was able to go right back to sleep.” They added, “My partner is a hot sleeper and the blanket has helped with his night sweats. No problem with that and he slept soundly as well.” That’s not the only reviewer who is impressed with the breathability. One reviewer “sleeps hotter than the heart of a dying star struck by Thor’s lightning” and says that this blanket was “not so much warming me, but comforting me like soft puppy dog kisses to your face after you’ve eaten some good bacon.”


This budget-friendly pick for children is “worth every penny” and “basically magic,” according to satisfied reviewers. One parent says that, thanks to the blanket, their son “has not fought bedtime and when the blanket is on him he calms right down and goes to sleep.” Another reviewer with a 4-year-old daughter with ADHD writes, “She has been falling asleep pretty quickly and also has not been having nightmares,” and loves that the blanket is “really soft and breathable.”


Many parents thank this blanket for helping their child sleep through the night. “We’ve had it 3 days… and she has slept through the night every night,” one parent says. “Before this blanket that was not the case she would wake up anywhere from 2 to 7 times a night. Whoever made this blanket is a GODSEND. From the bottom of a working, student, single mom’s heart, THANK YOU.” Another reviewer, who says their three-year-old used to toss and turn for hours, reports, “He literally laid under his blanket and was able to relax enough to fall asleep with 10-20 minutes.” This blanket also comes with a removable cover, which parents appreciate for easy cleaning. Plus, kids like because it’s so soft and has some fun designs. “My son loves the ‘sweepy dinosaurs,’” one parent writes, while another who purchased the one with the animals on it says, “Design is whimsical but not too ‘baby’ for my 5yr old.”

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