Despite all of the stereotypes, puppies are not completely self-sufficient creatures. They still need their human families to feed and water them, and to protect them from the elements. And, despite all of their protests against it, puppies need their humans to love them. Adopting a dog can be very rewarding feeling, as well as a major challenge at times. We want our family life to be calm and warm, not frantic and frustrating, so we need all of the members including our furry ones to be on their best behavior. Training your dog can ensure that you have a gentle, loving pet that does not eat your furniture and pee on your furnishings or poop on your carpet. Training your dog does not only protect it from potential dangers but keeps your belongings safe from destruction as well.

Dogs scratch, bite and chew for many reasons. If they are doing these to food items or to their toys, that is OK, but many times they will find something else. Dogs that chew on the new divan or the electrical cords are not only destroying property, they are also potentially put their own lives in danger.

Young puppies will mouth or chew on things for the same reasons that kittens and human babies do. They are exploring their world as well as teething. Giving them substitutes and reward them for chewing on the right items. If an older dor suddenly develop and urge to gnaw on things other than food or their usual toys, then consider whether he is bored, or if it is possible that he has a nutritional deficiency.

Poorly trained puppies will often start using the entire house as their own personal potty. If you have ever gone into a house when their is a smell of urine you know how disgusting that smell can truly be. If your dog is using items around your home like your bed curtain or the leg of your favorite chair to potty on, he might be sending you a message. Does he hesitate to go out to go potty or have you started spending too much time with that girl in apartment 2A that stomps her feet at the puppy when you are not in the room?

Although most dogs will train well and never have any issues, but there are some that are more stubborn and this behavior can often be a deal breaker for many families.

A well trained dog will charm and amuse your guests when they come over to your home. He will make your days seem warmer and brighter. Because he knows what is expected from him. He will also have less anxiety, leading a calmer and more easily controlled pet. Calmer dogs are more affectionate because they are not as nervous or high strung. By training your dog it will allow him to focus on good behaviors and the things that make a dog’s life a good one by napping, eating and being a good part of a family’s home.

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