Relaxation – Endurance – Stress Management – Flexibility

What do all these things have in common? First, they are all things we need to work on improving in our busy American lifestyles. Getting better at these areas has long been advocated by health experts as a way to increase our quality of life, reduce the risk of injury or illness, and even to live longer!

Second, these are all benefits of working out with yoga – something you can simply do with a yoga fitness DVD at home! Practicing hatha yoga – the physical yoga postures or “asanas” that many folks associate with yoga exercise – is a good way to add muscle, increase the range of motion in our joints, and create a break for calm, balance and relaxation in our daily schedules. Now before you get nervous that I am going to go all “transcendental” on you, don’t worry! Though yoga traditionally does include a huge quantity of non secular, meditative and holistic practices, you can get lots of the advantages of a yoga way of living by just incorporating a little yoga fitness workout routine into your weekly schedule. Whether you can do 60-minutes 3x per week, or slide in some Sun Salutations for 15 mins each morning – even a moderate increase in your activity level through the incorporation of yoga practices can help.

Now – everyone knows we’re supposed to exercise but we don’t! Not enough anyway! Why? Well, one common excuse is the concern over not having enough time in the day to force in a workout. Working out at home with a yoga fitness DVD might be a wonderful solution to this problem. Just pop in the video and watch a 20 to sixty minute workout you can follow along with.

I know your schedule already feels jam-packed and you’re worried you won’t have time for yoga. As a full-time-mom ( all fogeys are fulltime to my opinion – you never stop panicking about your kids!) and a business-owner, I find that there are never enough hours in the day to do everything I want to. However, it is necessary to prioritize your fitness and leave time for replenishing your body and spirit on a periodic basis. Exercise is a great way to do that. When you work out at home with a yoga fitness DVD, you can slide in your exercise whenever you have time. Before dawn when the house is quiet, when the kids are napping or the family’s watching TV downstairs, or maybe as a family activity that encourages everyone in the household to be active and share time together.

Another concern that many have about yoga exercise is that it’s going to be costly. Yoga has definitely enjoyed a period of “trendiness” lately and with yoga classes sprouting up all over the country at elite gyms and lofts, it is simple to see how yoga has gotten the reputation for being pricey. However, remember that yoga was developed by ascetics in some of the poorest areas of the world. You have more than they do re material possessions – if they can do it, you can do. Though you don’t “need” anything to practice yoga, and you can even learn it for free with some workout videos from the library or picture books that show you step by step what to do, I like to recommend that you begin with two essentials: A yoga mat to enhance your comfort and safety while doing the poses, and a good instructional yoga video to guide you through a workout or 2 that you can follow and enjoy every day.

For the price of a class or two at the local yoga studio, you can get everything you need to workout at home.

I hope I inspire you to look into yoga exercise as a total body workout, or a supplement to your present exercise routine. The advantages are simply superb, and the positive impact of your new fitness will routine will only get bigger the more you practice.

If you’ve decided a yoga workout is something you want to add to your exercise routine, consider a good yoga fitness DVD to get you started. You’ll learn the bikram yoga moves you need to get an invigorating and health-promoting workout!

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