We try to do the right things by our pets. After all, they are like our kids. They are part of the family. Unfortunately, most of us have to work. We spend 8 hours at the office and another 2 hours fighting traffic. We must leave our pets alone or drop them someplace to be boarded. Then, when it’s finally time for a vacation, you have to leave him in a kennel for days and days. Or, you can use Atlanta dog walking.

While you are off at work, your pet is lonely and bored. A pet sitter provides much needed companionship. In addition, a walker will make sure your dog gets a full walk. Exercise is vital to a dog’s good health. If you only have time to take him out for a few minutes to go potty before and after work, he may become lazy. And that leads to obesity and related health problems.

A dog walker is able to come by every day while you are gone and take your dog out for a nice long walk. Just as with people, exercise gets the blood flowing and keeps the heart and lungs strong. And, also as with people, a full 30-45 minutes is important to really have any benefits. In addition to the exercise itself, the fresh air will also do wonders for your dog’s mood. A pet sitter will provide a full walk each day.

When stuck indoors all day, a dog stores up energy and has no way to get rid of it. He may wreak havoc in the house while you’re gone by chewing things or going through the trash. Worse than that, he may be so used to being sedentary that he loses all interest in exercise at all. That’s when weight gain starts.

By contrast, if a pet sitter has come by during your absence you will find a happier dog. He is well exercised and has probably taken a good nap. A nap is different than sleeping all day. Napping is normal for dogs. Sleeping all day is unhealthy. Plus, he will have been happy to have the day broken up with his visitor friend.

For times when you have a business trip or want to take a vacation, pet sitters are a great alternative to boarding houses. At a kennel, all you get for your money is a cage for them to sit and somebody to serve dinner. Perhaps somebody will come by to take him for a walk. Any time he is out of his crate, there is concern about fighting with other dogs as well as the possibility of transmission of diseases. When they are in the crate, there is still the likelihood of contracting kennel cough which spreads through kennels like wildfire. Dogs get very stressed being locked away anyhow, especially with all the other dogs’ barking 24 hours a day.

A pet sitter can come to your home 3 times per day and make sure that your dog is getting his regular exercise and has some companionship during the day. The stress factor is gone because your dog still has his own bed to sleep in, his own toys to play with and his own spot to eat. Being kept in his own environment will do wonders in keeping him happy while you are gone.

Dog walkers will save you money. You can generally have more than one pet looked after for the same price as two. That is not the case with kennels. And that doesn’t even go into the issue of vet bills due to problems that arise after boarding your pets. Your pets are happier and you save money.

Do you have a furry little dog? Do you work long days or are planning on going on a trip without taking the friend? Atlanta Dog Walking helped us walk our dog when we were at work. There is also Atlanta Dog Boarding, which is great for travelers.

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