The power of a 10 minute nap is a very much discussed issue in the workplace. Some companies have figured out the benefits and have even given the employees a comfortable corner in the company where they can get their 10 minute power nap whenever they feel a little out of steam. Before we go into the benefits of the 10 minute power nap, I am sure you will be able to identify with me on the issue of tiredness during the day.

If you are working or even if you are a stay at home type of person, by noon, your body will start telling you that it needs an extra boost of energy. Most of us mistake this for a dose of caffeine and very dutifully enter the kitchen or the pantry to fix ourselves a nice cup of espresso. Well, caffeine is a good booster of energy to help us stay awake throughout the day. However, as many of us already know, as the level of caffeine in our body increases so do health complications, in the long run. This is why a 10 minute power nap is much more powerful than your intake of caffeine to keep your energy level up all day.

10 Minter Power Nap benefits are as follows;

Firstly, you feel instantly refreshed upon waking up nap. The duration is very important here. Power naps are supposed to be short and precise. A power nap extending more than 30 minutes or less than 5 minutes can make you more moody and sleepy when you wake up.

Secondly, your mind is more alert after the nap. This in turns helps you in keeping your focus on task as well strengthens your ability to make decisions better. In other words, your cognitive thinking ability is very much increased when you take that nap.

Thirdly, you will feel that your mood is highly lifted. This helps you avoid stress and also keeps you pleasant and cheery throughout the day.

Fourthly, your body hormones are balanced. Since your hormones are in sync, your stress level is low and since you do not turn to caffeine for your energy boost, you reduce the risk contracting heart diseases.

In conclusion, power naps are a must for your body. Even if you may be receiving a full 8hrs sleep, recommended, you need to rest your body once in a while to help it regain momentum. Your body is not designed to function without rest. The signs of tiredness and the increase in stress level is trying to tell you that. Therefore, give your body the much needed rest when it wants and start living a more serene life from this moment onwards.

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