Body building is one of the most effective ways to streamline your bodies structure and also create lean muscle mass. However aside from being a way of bulking up, it is also a great way to lose weight and also trigger your body’s metabolism so that it continues to burn fat long after you have stopped exercising.

Body building is not just for men even though the traditional image that we have of the sport is of the traditional he man lifting barbells. Today’s body building equipment is designed for both sexes to use. Women can use Pilates to flex and build muscles in a way that is lithe, yet strong looking. Men can use heavier equipment to flex their muscles aerobically and no longer be that guy that allows bullies to kick sand in their face.

Aside from building muscular strength body building also creates stamina and increases endurance. It can also help your body metabolize its nutrient more effectively and assist with motor control and balance. Body building can also be an anti-aging activity. As a result many people also develop a renewed sense of confidence and self-esteem and have the confidence that they can handle anything that comes their way.

How can body building be such an effective anti-aging activity? For one thing it helps you build stronger bones, which can be your best defense against the bone degrading disease of osteoporosis. You will feel strong and fit because you have become more active and mobile. Many older muscle builders find their lower back pain also disappears as they build core strength. This means that the abdominal muscles strengthen so that the spine has to do less work to help support your body’s weight.

Body building is not a hobby for professional competitors who want showcase a gleaming physique marbled with shining muscles. It is cliche to think that body building is just about popping some veins. No matter how young or old you are you will have more energy if you build more muscle. After shedding excess fat there will be a lot less of you to carry around. You will also notice that every day activities such as carrying groceries upstairs, shoveling snows or moving furniture become much easier.

Furthermore body building is absolutely crucial to an effective weight loss program. This is because when you lose weight through dieting it is possible to lose muscle. To keep the weight off and also to keep from wasting away you also need to be on a complimentary program of muscle building along with your aerobic program of exercise which may include such activities as swimming, jogging or spinning on a stationary bicycle. Yet another benefit to this is that your body will keep burning fat after the body has finished its exercise session as your overall metabolic system becomes much more efficient as the result of body building. This means that even as you are sitting, reading or napping your bodies muscles will continue to expend calories and help expedite your overall weight loss.

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