Every year, toy library in Kolkata comes up with new toys and games for children that directly or indirectly becomes complementary and aids children in developing their cognitive and mental skills. Some come with all the bells and whistles while there are many which have been designed for a few specific purposes. But what are the benefits of renting organic toys? Let’s take a look:
Check out the Benefits of Renting Natural Toys in Kolkata:
* Natural Toys Are Good for Environmental Health:
Organic toys such as wooden and bamboo are durable and eco-friendly. Moreover, children are drawn to natural toys and have more respect for them so they tend to care for them better than other toys. This also leads to less waste. Wooden toys are made with non-toxic paints and finishes, natural oils, or beeswax which is safe for the children to use and play.
* Natural Toys Enhance Mental Health:
Battery-generated special effects in the toys can lead to over-stimulation in the children. Moreover, the combination of blinking lights, automated movements, loud sounds or music may overwhelm the mind of small child and also can be bit difficult for him to process.
But on the flip side, the environment is completely different in a room and child’s mind with the presence of natural toys. They keep the child’s mind calmer and inviting which makes them happy and cheerful.
* Organic Toys Improvises Physical Health:
Studies reveal that there are certain plastics which negatively affect health. For example, according to a report “phthalates are added to PVC (polyvinyl chloride) to make it soft and flexible” and reportedly some phthalates have been linked to cancer, harm to developing reproductive organs, and premature breast development in baby girls. In fact, inhaling these chemicals can also worsen asthma in children.
Children have the propensity to “mouth” or cuddle everything, plastic and non-organic products. And the risk discussed above could pose serious health issues and threats to children.
* Natural And Organic Toys Provokes Children Imagination:
These kinds of open-ended toys inspire the child to imagine the countless possibilities for the toy thereby, fostering creativity into them. They also aid in natural progression to rejuvenating activities such as daydreaming or napping.

* Wooden Toys Are Highly Durable And Timeless:

Parents will agree–children are very rough handed with their toys and other educational materials. With them you have more likelihood of getting things broken down, lying around your home. But with wooden toys you will find that those toys are pretty hard for children to be damaged beyond the basic scratch or dent! Also, these kinds of toys give you enough flexibility to use them the either way you want to. They are long lasting and can be used with multiple children.
These were the basic advantages of buying or renting natural and organic toys from toy library in Kolkata. When you invest in wooden toys for home education; you are obviously investing in something that is durable and versatile. But if you do not have any scope of using that toy in coming years, then renting them is the best option.

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