Real Food Margarita Recipe (With Delicious Low-Sugar Variations)

Just holding a glass of margarita instantly transports me to long summer days by the beach. We can of course debate whether alcohol is a healthy choice at all, but my bigger concern is that mixed drinks often hide a mountain of added sugar! This reinvention of the classic margarita recipe skips the sugary pre-made mixes and focuses on flavors from fresh lime juice and even whole fruits.

Whether you’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo or just sipping a summer cocktail with your feet in the kiddie pool, this real food margarita recipe (virgin or otherwise) tastes so much better than a pre-made mix and is better for you.

A Simple Margarita Recipe for Summer

Pre-made margarita mixes are usually a hodgepodge of sugars, dyes, and other additives. (Just look at the shocking electric green color for proof, visit In fact, the base usually contains bloat-inducing corn syrup, with no real fruit to be found!

The flavors of a classic margarita are just about as simple as it gets: lime and tequila. The other two variations below build on the classic margarita by adding fresh fruit like pineapple, strawberries, and grapefruit, learn more.

Tip: Before juicing, roll your limes on the counter with just a bit of pressure to encourage the juices to flow. Then, slice them in half and pop them into a hand juicer.

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