Other Things We ❤: The ClearMark Awards

alt: Doug Doodleman stands on a stage behind a podium labeled “ClearMark Awards.” He holds an envelope and says, “And the award for plainest language goes to…” In the audience, one doodle leans over to another and whispers, “This is my favorite category!”

Have you ever opened a piece of mail from your credit card company and come up against an impenetrable wall of words that no average person could understand? How about going online to see what is and isn’t covered by your health care plan, only to get lost in a maze of confusing webpages?

Of course you have, dear readers—and so have we! Experiences like these are all too common, which makes any letter or website (or brochure or app or email) that is clearly written and well designed shine like a lighthouse over stormy seas.

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