Dropping statistics bombs is worthless; common sense, sight, and experience rule. We all know that people are spending exponentially more of their time budget in front of the computer. Activities range from bread labor to social-scaping to digital game worlding . This prolonged period we are actively building our digital presences adds up to enhanced and intensive eye use; straining of a muscle that is already overworked and under rested. There are many ways in which to alleviate the symptoms that form the herd of annoyances that is referred to as both Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) and Digital Eye Fatigue (DEF), Gunnar computer glasses are one way in which we can cloak ourselves in a stylish preventative.

Computer Vision Syndrome and Digital Eye Fatigue are some new acronyms that have been getting a lot of airing lately due to the fact that fatigue from computers is running neck and neck with the steady rise of computer use. Even the most conservative computer users among us have experienced the tiredness, dryness/wetness of eyes, headaches, and neck-tension aches that are the result of fixated stares at computer screens.

Before we get into the benefits of Gunnar computer glasses, let’s look at three simple and common sense tidbits of eye health we can do to protect our beautiful orbs that bring light to our world.

*Periodic Pull-Back: Every twenty minutes, pull yourself out of the digital realm and stare out at a distant point on the horizon or some point in the distance. Balancing out short/medium distance (which works different parts of our eye) with long distance will help achieve better balance in the eye.

*More Rest: Sleep and napping is like injecting radical new life into the body. Don’t underestimate it.

*Feed your Eyes: Eat a super diet encompassing a wide variety of colors and flavors and textures. If you feed your body the right foods (think foods with moisture to moisten the eyes) it will enrich your life.

When it comes to other preventatives, one great way in which to alleviate some of those naggy real-world symptoms is to look into computer eyewear. The world has become a Starbucks on so many levels and it is easy to suffer from choice paralysis, but many people have been turning to Gunnar computer glasses for a real world solution to computer eye strain symptoms.

Here is what Gunnar computer glasses are not:

1. Clunky work-man glasses that make you look more like your painting a house than rocking a digital rhythm.

2. Cheap reading glasses marketed as “Digital Performance Eyewear.”

3. The end-all, be-all answer to your Digital Eye Fatigue prayers

Here is what Gunnar computer glasses can offer you:

*High quality, superbly engineered DEF preventative glasses that are light
*Lenses that are crafted to reduce eye strain and coated to combat glare
*Stylish with a wide variety of models–they even have gaming glasses designed for the ardent gamer (headset compatible)
*They shift the color spectrum to protect your eyes by tinting the lenses–enhance contrast, strengthen detail, and improve resolution

Remember, glasses for computer use are not a cure, however they are an excellent weapon in your arsenal against Digital Eye Fatigue. Other simple tactics such as healthy diet, healthy doses of rest, eye exercise, and something as simple as conscious and patterned blinking, are other ways in which we can help reduce the real world symptoms that will give us longer and more vital hours in the digital world. And before journeying down the computer eye wear road, check with your doctor and do a lot of research.

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